Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We started the summer in Vegas.  Brandon's company sent him to a buying summit in Vegas and one day into it, Brandon called and asked if I want to drive the girls down and meet him.  Within an hour, we were on the road.

The six hour trip took ten hours.  Yikes!  But it made me realize I can do anything!

We met Brandon at the Mirage (where the conference was) and feel asleep! 

The next morning, Brandon suggested we order room service.  I LOVE FOOD AND EXPENSE STIPENDS!!!  WOW!!!!  I must be super native, but breakfast for just me was over $30.00, and I was sweatin!  

BUT CLAIRE LOVED IT!!!!  Now she wants breakfast on a table in her room, always!!!

 We finally got ready for the day around 1:00pm.  I'm still learning how to get two girls and myself ready.  It takes forever!

We finally made it out of the room by 3pm.  Waiting for the valet to get our car, I had four people tell me what a pretty little boy I had.  I couldn' help but giggle.  Maybe I should always put bows in Claire's hair.

The girls and I had a great time getting lost on the way to Target (to get water that didn't cost $7 a bottle).  We really did.  There are so many interesting things to see and look at.  I'm sure if Brandon knew where we were he would have made me come back.  Kinda sketchy.

When we finally made it back to the strip, Brandon was done with the conference for the day and we had a great time walking the Strip.  We got a lot of "I can't believe you took your kids to Vegas" and" I would never take my children here with me" and "What beautiful children, too bad you brought them."

I kept laughing and thinking, "It's only 5pm, why are you all in your underwear already.  Shouldn't you be hungover at the pool?"  It's been a few years since I went on the strip, but I believe the last time I spent more than and hour on the strip, Vegas was trying to make their image a family oriented one.  Not anymore.  I was amazed at how now, people wear nothing.  I'm starting to sound like a prude.

We took Claire and Hazel to the M&M factory


I don't remember why Claire was so ornery, but here's a picture to document her loveliness.  

We stopped at Pinky's for a famous hot dog (Famous or not, I still don't like hot dogs), and then started to get worried with amount of naked women that were out at 7:00pm and headed back to our room.  (I was really worried about my three year saying that all these princesses are wearing sparkly underwear.)

Can I say I loved the bell men at the Mirage.  A highly intoxicated man was yelling obscenities and the bell man said, "DUDE!  we have children at this hotel.  You shut your mouth and mind your manners."

I still love Vegas.  I spent time there with my college roommates Aubree and Shannon (there are so many things to do that aren't on the stripe.  I super appreciate Aubree for finding those fun things off the strip.  Like taking the damn, dam tour.  hehe Shannon!).  Brandon and I went there on our Honeymoon.  I found out I was prego with Hazel there when I met my college roommates there for a reunion.  I love the energy there.

The next day, we actually got out of our room by noon.  High five to me!  I thought Claire would love to go see the animals.  So we paid to get in, immediately got yelled at because I was holding Claire while looking at the dolphins, and were instructed to go below.  So we did. ( I'm still trying to figure out what we did wrong.)


Claire was not impressed.  I WAS!!!

The white tigers were beautiful.  Again, Claire was not impressed.  All she wanted to do was go to the gift shop.  OH DEAR!

Hazel taking a lunch break.

When Brandon got done with work, we set out off the strip and found the most lovely, hole in the wall Italian restaurant. Linos!  SOO GOOD!!!

I think the girls would love living in a hotel room, just like Eloise.  

The drive home went so smoothly.  We made it home in 6 hours..not ten

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