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suhm-er I LOVE looking things up in the dictionary and seeing how they are pronounced. (I wish I had paid attention in my Fundamentals of English class so I could actually read and pronounce them.  HEHEHEHE.  That class was a " 'C's' get degrees class")

SIDE NOTE:  The summer after Claire was born I had post-pardum depression and really never left the house.  Determined to not have a similar experience this summer after Hazel was born, I took medication.  What a world of difference.  I have found myself sad and struggling, but this round post-pardum depression hasn't be as debilitating as to never leaving the house.  I am so thankful to live in a day and age that science allows for things like post-pardum depression to be helped.  It was embarrassing at first to admit I had problems, but now I say if you suspect you have post-pardum depression or depression in general, get help.  There's NO sigma, (and if there is someone who does have a problem with it...they aren't worth the time and worry).  And!!!! there are doctors and a HUGE community of women who struggle with the same depression and they can offer support, suggestions and a listening ear.  

This summer was fun!!!!  I went back to work after a six week maternity leave, worked one shift and decided that I needed to be home.  Brandon had been asking me for some time to not go back to work after I had Hazel.  (I have worked since I was 17 years old and to not have a job scared me.)  But being back to work, I made the very personal decision that I wasn't in the right place, and that night gave my two weeks notice.  I haven't looked back.  I have struggled trying to redefine myself.  I'm not a working woman who has two children, so who am I?  I'm still trying to figure that out.  


We started the summer off on a boat ride.  WHAT A BLAST!!  Thank you Cami and Jacob.  

Claire fell off the boat.  No crying, just super stunned.  Bless her clumsy heart.


Since I wasn't working anymore, I tried to make play dates.  We spent a lot of time at the splash pad and Cami, Robyn and Ali's houses.  

We love the Brook's family.  Always so kind to us.  
 Cute Hyrum.  Born one week after Hazel!

 Claire LOVES princess dresses.  Thanks Emily for letting her borrow this one.

 Splash pad with Alison, Taft and baby Blythe.

 Maybe I should have put sunscreen not only on the girls but myself.
Cute Hazel and Blythe chillin.  


 Jance and Jaya at the splash pad.  So fun to have friends close.

It is wonderful to watch a baby discover the world around her.  Hazel is a blast to watch.  She loves trees!!!!

 And finding herself (well she doesn't know it's her) in the ipad.  

 I have very mischievous children on my street.  I find fun things cleverly placed at our house.  For instance... a tree from the church building was placed by our mail box with a "FREE" sign on it.  Huh!


Aunt Aubree (college roommate and forever long friend), moved somewhere in UT (sorry Aubree I can't remember the name!!) to help a vet practice get up and running.  She came up for a bit and hung out with us before she spent time with her family!  Love you dear friend!

Aubree is always willing to make me laugh and humor me.  

Alison's husband was in a community production of "Guys and Dolls"  Holy cow he is oober talented.  His character of Nicely Nicely Johnson made me LAUGH OUT LOUD all the time!!!  I am amazed at the talent this community has!  It was such a great night!

Brandon is not much of a musical theater guy.  So grateful he came with me.  I know he had a great time.  And how do I know.  He talked about the play for two days after!

This was a summer weekend occurrence, my girls coming into bed with us in the morning.  I loved it, even though I was the one who got kicked out of bed to make room.  I need to start saving for a king sized bed.  Or maybe ask for one for christmas!

Fourth of July.  Super laid back, nothing exciting, but a fun day all the same!!

I read in my brother in law's back yard

Claire joined me and cheesed up the day!

Claire started working on her alphabet.  So far she loves coloring the pages, but doesn't remember squat!  Suggestions anyone?  She is three, can sing the ABC's but has no sight recognition.  

We went camping "Esther style".  Movies, popcorn, and an early bedtime for mommy and daddy.  

The next morning, Claire opened up a pantless cupcake shop that also sold diet coke and sandwiches. (she refused to put on pants!)  I lOVE this girl

In late July, we went to Denver for a week and then up to Leadville for the Martineau Family reunion.

What was life like without PINTEREST!?!?!  Love the new discovery of paint chalk.  One cup cornstarch, one cup water.  Pour in a muffin tin and add drops of food coloring into each cup.  HUGE HIT!

I have had such a blast getting to know other kids.  Alison let me watch Taft when she went back to work as the office manager at Barlow Arts (I want Claire to dance there if we ever move closer to Lehi)

Alison and I have a mutal love of Diet Coke.  I wish I had video recorded this, but Claire and Taft are driving to the gas station to get cokes.  "Get me a sprite"- Taft to Claire as she gets out (On the neighbor's driveway)

Another round of sidewalk chalk paint.   Thank you Pinterest!

Claire took a week long ballet camp at the studio on next street over!  She is sooo cute!

That day, Hazel discovered the baby in the mirror... "Well hello gorgeous!"  (this reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and her window friend Emily.)


 My sweet co worker Sundee's baby, Yelena had her first birthday party on August 2, SURROUNDED by friends and family.  This is the closest I got to taking a picture of her fabulous tutu.
 And her AWESOME cake!!  People are so talented!  Jealous!!

Cute candy table to take a bag of treats home.  So creative!

That sunday, August 4th we were invited by another co worker (well she has moved on to better and better things as a RN at UVRMC NICU) to her baby blessing.  Cozette (Coco Baby as I call her) was given a name and a blessing.  I loved the Tongan meeting we went to.  Do I have to be Tongan to go to the ward?

After the blessing, we tried to get all the girls to sit by each other on couch.  I couldn't stop laughing at the girls poking eachother, pulling hair, falling over (well just Hazel)

Claire and Hazel Strickland, YelenaWilson, Journey Wilson, Cozette Fatafehi

After wards, Brit invited us back to the house for cake.  Claire and Coco

August 5th Claire fulfilled her dream of meeting a real life princess.  Tea party with Miss Eagle Mountain

Later that night we got to watch Taft AND Blythe while Alison went to Scott's last performance.  

I think Blythe was perfectly clear on her feelings of me watching her.  

 Blythe and Hazel hanging out

Taft and Claire watched "Marley and Me"in a fantastic fort created by me.  And I went outside and killed the four black widows I found while cleaning out the garage.  FOUR!!!  I have never seen them before outside of a glass cage at the Butterfly Museum.  

Exciting News for me!  I will be teaching beginning social dance and tap in the fall!  I start next week!! Dream being fulfilled!

 As the summer drew to a close, and we are looking at Claire starting preschool next week, we took on one last summer project.  A short loft bed for claire.  I'll post pictures when it is all finished.  

Claire painted while Brandon cute the wood and I sanded all the wood. 

Even Claire put in a little blood, sweat and tears!  Well none of the above but she helped.  

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