Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I can't decide which is my favorite, soft newborn hair or the smell of freshly bathed and lotion infant.  Hazel Kay Strickland is here!

Born April 17, 2013 @1:59pm.  
7 lbs 13 oz.  19 1/2 inches long.  

Our labor and delivery story is pretty uneventful!

I received a call Tuesday afternoon for American Fork Hospital's L/D telling us to come on in for our induction the next morning at 7:00 am.  Tuesday April 16th, Brandon and I dropped Claire off at Grandma Sandy's house.  I bawled... a lot.  We felt like we were betraying Claire by having another child, but what could we do now?  It was too late to take back having another baby...

I had been nesting for a few weeks, so Brandon and I stayed up until 2 am re-cleaning the house (I know I am a freak but there is something about having a REALLY clean house for your momma to come visit.  Had to impress the mother!)  and putting together the guest bedroom.  Brandon fell asleep right away, but I think I was awake the whole night!  Bathroom trips and massive acid reflex will not be missed!  See ya later!

The alarm for 5:00 am came super fast, but looking good for my after birth pictures seemed super important, so I showered, lathered my body in my favorite lotion from Victoria Secret, straightened my hair and put my makeup on.  6:15 we were on the road for our 45 min trip to the hospital.  

I was the only induction that day, so I was spoiled rotten.  Sometimes I struggle going to the mother/baby unit to work, but on days that you have babies, I LOVE IT!!!!  I had 4 nurses getting me set up with an IV, antibiotics (gotta love being GBS+...again), consent forms and getting my hubby comfortable.  Michelle started my Pit and I wondered what this labor was going to feel like. 

Then the waiting game began.  I came in at 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced and I had to get three hours of antibiotics before the doc could break my water, so Brandon took a nap and I watched an hour of Glee and played on Facebook and Pinterest.  Finally my cute L/D Rn Michelle told me they were calling the Dr to break my water.  Remembering my experience with Claire and recalling how much I LOVED the contractions that came two min apart, I asked for the epidural before my water was broke. My wish was their command and within 30 minutes I was numb and super giggly.  

The dr broke my water at 11:00 and I sent Brandon to go get something to eat and to get some chocolate for our cute nurses. Around 1:00, I started to feel uncomfortable and thought that maybe my epidural wasn't working anymore.  I waited a couple contractions and then called my RN and told her that my epidural wasn't working and I need them to give me MORE!  She checked me and said, "Honey where is your husband?  Your baby is ready to come out!  I could push on your stomach and she would pop out!"  So I called Brandon and said calmly, "hey, you might want to come back, the baby is ready to come."  (I guess he wasn't in the hospital cafeteria, but at Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory getting some REAL chocolate.  I love that boy!)  So Brandon showed up, Dr Ollerton showed up (again, we were super lucky to have both Dr Ollerton and Dr Lamereaux check in on us!), I pushed for about 20 min and Hazel came to join our family!

I love to see how much babies change within the first few days of life!  

I love the afterbirth momma warrior pictures.  It's hard work brining a baby into the world.
(I promise I have clothes on)

Uncle Chris had to go out of town for work.  We had baby Hazel just in time.  He got to visit for a few min and then caught his flight.  

One of the few pictures I had my eyes open.

Our luck!  AGAIN!!!  Sarah Bertoch, also bathed Claire, was working in the NSY!  We loved having her bath Hazel

Great supports!  Love family and friends. 

Claire meeting her baby for the first time

Brandon's girls

It took us awhile to figure out what this little girl's name should be.  Claire thought Princess LuLu, I thought Hazel but wasn't convinced that was her name and Brandon thought Eliza.

We were soooo spoiled.  The girls I work with decorated our room and gave us the best room in the hospital.  

Our favorite peditrician, Dr. Whiting.  

Going home!