Monday, June 18, 2012

A mile in someone else's shoes

A mile in someone else's shoes, or in this case, a weekend through the camera lens of A. Dean Martineau.  My sweet dad came to town to help B, Claire and I celebrate Brandon's graduation and Claire's birthday. He allowed me to upload the pictures from his camera and I was delighted to see how my dad spent his free time, and what my dad values while he was here in UT.  Here are my favorites.  

My dad graduated from BYU.  FOr as long as I can remember, if he ever was in town, he would grab some ice cream from the Creamery on Ninth!  

I wonder what kind he got!  He is a vanilla man.  We went to South Dakota, and he got vanilla.  We go to Cold Stone, he gets vanilla.  WHERE is the vanilla cone Deano!

Um.. I don't know what this one is.

The classic Y on the mountain!  I love this view in the Spring, green mountain, stark white Y.

The Provo Tabernacle, burned a few years ago and our church has begun renovating it into a temple.  I love that my dad captured this

We spent the night with my father at the hotel he was staying.  Here is B opening his graduation gift from Claire and I.

My dad has a talent for capturing these lovely moments of the grand-kiddos!  Now we have a funny picture of Claire!

This one made me giggle.

Lady lessons: FAIL!!!

A family friend from Littleton, CO was at the same restaurant we were at!

Thanks for sharing a piece of you with us dad!  I love now and for always!

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