Monday, June 18, 2012

Hail the conquering graduate

My boy has done it!!  I love master's degree candidates!  Drinks all around!  Brandon Boyd Strickland MPA.  And a little shout out from me, Brandon is the first person on his side of the family to get a masters!

Today I came to discover how unpredicable two year olds are!  Claire's list of no's
-no hand holding
-no sitting still
-no picture taking
-no talking to Grandpa Dean unless on her terms (which were unpredictable as well!)
- no mommy saying "no"
-no diaper changes
-no eating at restuarnts

One of Brandon's favorite professors.  I don't recall his name

Don't mess with her!

I loved watching Brandon see people he knew from his program.  This guy is a lawyer and his wife was a district attorney for SLC.  Cool people.

What you lookin' at?

Remember I said no pictures mom!

B's entourage

I was so glad this part of our lives was almost over!

I love state schools!  They have the most beautiful, old buildings.  Not to mention, beautiful and unique interiors!  Here is the music hall where B's ceremony was held.  

Serenaded by a string quartet

The speakers were...interesting.  They pretty much got up and congratulated themselves on their academic accomplishments... But this guy added to the list by telling the graduates it was their responsibility to teach the un-educated public

I am such a great picture is B walking across the stage to receive his diploma.  

Again, failure.

As least I got the guy whose last name was Martineau...  Priorities you know!

Claire's feet, toes painted just for the occasion.  Utah Red!

After the ceremony!  HEY I FOUND YOU!

I just liked the lady in the picture.  Kinda creepy.

Claire and I made B a fruit loop necklace.  It demonstrated to me that he worked so hard, but was able to remember he was a daddy and hubby!  So proud of him for always remembering us!  Plus it provided itself to be a great snack for Claire!

It's all over!

The Strickland!

One of the random pictures my dad took!


I truly believe it takes a family to graduate from college!

Deano Loved taking this picture.  As he said with a Deano chuckle"Academics reduced to fruit loops"

After the shortest graduation ceremony I have ever been to (thanks Utah State University!!!), B and I took everyone to Outback!

What a graduated stud you are!  And I am so glad you choose to wear your dad's necklace.  It made me feel like he was here, watching you and telling you how proud he was of you!  I know he was, and so are Claire and I!  Good job sir!

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