Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Fry Monster

My short person is two!  YIKES!  Where did the time FLY?  She is a wonderful individual, full of ideas, questions, jokes, sass, tyrnny and laughter.  I couldn't of asked for a better combination of a daughter.

She LOVEs to dance!
Love sing... and you better sing it the first time she asks for she'll scream "Rock -a Bye Baby Daddy!" (and no it doesn't matter if you aren't daddy or that she doesn' want you to sing "rock a bye baby" but "mamma Mia"  She'll just scream that phrase!
Her favorite songs are:

     "I love to see the Temple"
     "I am a Child of God"
     "Families are Forever"
     "I like to Look for Rainbows"
     "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
     "Popcorn Poppin'"
     "Patty cake"
     "Rock a Be Baby"
     "momma Mia"
     "Red Solo cup" - Yes I KNOW!!!  YIKES!!!

Her favorite movies are "Momma Mia" and "Tangled"  She could watch them four or five times a day if you let her... and some days after I have worked...I have let her.

She loves chicken nuggets so much I think she might turn into one.'
She loves her Grandma Sandy and Uncle Chris with her whole heart.  I am pretty sure she lives for them to come home from work.
She loves being outside and going to the park

Claire LOVES her daddy!  They do everything together, including, sampling my batters.

Claire loves to be out and about, her worst fear is staying home for days.  She loves ladies lunches and here she is with Maggie Mills.  We just love her class and sass!  (Well I do, Claire just silently loves her).  

Claire loves to shop, and find new friends, (even if they are plastic).  

 She has a thing for babies!  She just loves them!  She wants one so bad.
Claire does not like having her bum changed... still.   Heavy diaper=awkward situation.

I just thought this next one was cute!

Claire loves to do everything I do, which I love and dislike at the same time.  If mommy can do it by herself, Claire can do it by herself.  Getting ready for the day takes twice as long as it used to.  But one delightful day, I made dandelion crowns from our lawn"flower garden".  I put mine on my head, and she promptly followed suit.
Claire never does anything the normal way.  Eating, sleeping, this case sitting in a chair.

I wear sunglasses, she wears sunglasses

Even when this girl is sick, she is delightful.  I love to snuggle in bed with her and love her and take naps with her!!!

Happy Birthday sweet, darling, short person.  You were the delightful blessing I never knew I needed.


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  1. I love all these pics! Claire is so cute and funny!