Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bring out Your Dead! -CLANG-

No, I'm not dead yet...nor will I be dead soon.  "I don't want to go on the cart."  (Yes I still giggle during Monty Python movies.  But may I say I have added some sophistication to my viewings...I now eat my popcorn out of a bowl and not the bag.)

We have been busy and not so busy at the same time.  Here are a few updates to the Strickland family... I'll just say now, so you don't wiz through my post to see if I'm pregger... I'm not.  

We've with my in laws.  I'm not quite sure what I think but, I think we all feel a sense of loss of independence when we reside with parents or family.  I find myself at the gas station, a lot, to get my swig of diet coke.  I know the clerk by name, Craig, and he waits to see what I have selected for the day.  We share some great banter about the price of cigarettes going up and what;s the world coming to. (He knows full well that I haven't ever tried a cigarette in my life, and I have no idea what I am talking about.  Don't tell his boss, but he gives me double punches.)  The good thing out our new place of residence;  we are saving to buy a house...somewhere.  SOMEWHERE there is a job and a house and a fridge full of diet coke and and ice maker that dispenses ice, crushed or cubed.  And I shall unpack my glasses, put loads of crushed ice in and a lemon.  The I shall pour my DC over said lemon and ice and enjoy it through a straw.  LONG TERM GOALS!

I turned 27 and B turned 33 this January.  It was a swell time.
(A few girls at work and I share a Birthday week and fortunately for me we all have a thing for DQ's ice cream cake)

In February, B and I celebrated 3 whole years of marriage.  That's 1,095 days.  That's sounds longer and more deserving of some cake.
Claire and the dog.  

These are the dresses my flower girls wore, and my sweet sister in law saved this dress and gave it to me for my daughters to wear.  Doesn't Claire have such a lovely face...OH WAIT...can't see it.

Colonel Brandon (as my family calls him) took me to the Anniversary Inn to celebrate.  We stayed in the Rose Room, watched movies, I took a bubble bath, and we bought the movie package, complete with popcorn, a bag of M&Ms, and two warm diet cokes.  We laughed at the roses glued to the wall, and the arch that only half the lights work.  We laughed so hard at the pure cheese and tackiness of the room, but I tell you what,  I LOVED IT!  We had a night to enjoy each other's company, laugh and remember why the sane hell we got married in the first place.  We are best buddies and can find humor in anything.   What a nice man I married.  

Three years for my family of three

Claire Lynn has a new talent since I last blogged.  She is our movie terrorist.  For three months, she liked one movie and one movie.  For those three months (Ok so even now), she monopolized the tv and wouldn't negotiate what we all would watch.  So every day, if not multiple times a day, Claire would watch "Momma Mia"  She knows all the words all the songs.  
First thing in the morning, "I watch 'Momma Mia'"
She'll watch it: standing up

Laying down

she even sings the songs with the movie in the tupperware cabinet.  Can you find her?

I sure like watching her grown and finding out what type of personality she has.  We know she is all girl. She likes long, warm tubes, shoes, dresses and now she likes... Makeup.  Daddy does not like her wearing it.

I am also seeing that Claire is a kind, sweet and supportive person.  She knows when I have worked the night before and she cuddles with me on the couch, and just watch "Momma Mia" while I doze in and out.  She will lay on one side and I will lay on the other.  

Miss De Lune also has a new BFF since we moved into her Uncle Chris's house.  The unfortunate Maggie is Claire's pillow, doll, and new "shiny toy".  Poor Maggie.

And last but not least, Claire has made her first snowman.  He was a beauty.  Sadly, he only lasted three or four hours.  Good old UT and it's crazy bi-polar weather.  

So, yes! We've been a bit busy but a bit slow, life is good and bubbly.  Just like a gas station diet coke.  

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  1. I love how you specifically wrote that you aren't pregnant at the beginning of your post, lol. I have to admit I would've been one to look for that news! :) My favorite pictures were of Claire watching Mamma Mia. That's hilarious!