Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mommy Tree

Some, well I'd say most women are born with the "Mommy" gene.  Sweet, tender, caring, nurturing individuals with the sense to put their children before themselves.  Sadly, in Heaven, I missed getting this gene.  I was probably at the Heavenly Chevron Gas Station getting a Heavenly Diet Coke with pebbled ice.  But maybe some day I will have enough sense to learn this mommy gene, and force myself to do be a kind, caring, nurturing female, without the constant thought of going to the gas station for a diet coke.

Why am I telling you this?  Well I believe a start to my  long road to mommy-self discovery was found in a tree.  A christmas tree to be exact.  I have a fairy Christmas tree, which I have been collecting pieces for throughout my single adult life.  This year, I had anxiety attacks, thinking of my beloved 18 month old shredding my fairy tree to pieces.  Tears at the thought of vacuuming up shattered pieces of fairy face and purple and gold bulbs.  Oh the sadness.  And what's worse?  I think I would take every broken thing personally.  Like Claire had a vendetta against me and wanted to break all my pretty things.  (Yes, I am aware she doesn't but sometimes I'm mental!)

So what is my solution?  To make the season about family.  Take away the pretty, expensive tree that will make me an ornery, angry eyed mom.  Replace the fairy tree with another tree, not of my taste, but of the taste of my 18 month short person.  

I bought a tree last year (we'll call it a rustic sort of tree), with the intensions of making it my nativity tree.  Instead, we used it for "Claire's Tree".  Every ordament on the tree was made by Brandon, Claire and I!  Success!  I was so thrilled with the end results and I don't care if she breaks, throws, eats anything from the tree!  What a peaceful season it will be.  

I found wooden star shapes, drilled a hole in them, painted them red and modge podged red paper on them.  Then I took a brown stamp pad and "scuffed" the edges so they looked vintage. 

Claire and I cut oranges up and put them in the oven for 8 hours to dehydrate them.  Then she helped me lace twine through the tops.

Styrofoam balls covered with red yarn.  My Favorites.  Claire held the yarn.

Styrofoam ball covered with fabric strips.  

Apple slices dehydrated in the oven for 8 hours. 

Styrofoam ball covered in twine.  

Cinnimon Sticks from my neighbors cupboard, hot glued together and tied together with cloth.

Pinecones from outside and left over material to form the hanging loop.  And Raffetta from my wrapping paper stores, wrapped around the tree.

Claire picked out these bells and then helped me lace twine through them!

Bead garland from my mom last year and berry srpays from hobby lobby!  AND a big raffetta bow to top the tree!

And the tree skirt a lady at work help me make!  Thanks Carolyn.

I am grafteful for a little girl who takes me out of my comfort zone to learn how to make her happy and be a mommy.

(As she is telling me to stop "computering" and get her a snack!)