Saturday, August 13, 2011

The zoo

We did it again, took Claire to the Zoo.  ON A SATURDAY!!!!  NEVER AGAIN!!!!  I enjoyed the animals, Claire calling everything a puppy or "patchy" her Kitty best friend from next door.  But I didn't enjoy the heat and the rude people everywhere.  When has it ever been ok to push people out of the way to see better?  When has it ever been ok to stand in front of a group of sitting people during a feeding show.  Rude.  Ok off the soapbox!  I had a good time!

Skip nap to go to the zoo, not my most intelligent idea, but no whining from Claire

Out oldest elephant in North America, and quite possibly the butt I have to look forward to when I am old and grey


Looking at the tigers

So helpful

Last year's zoo picture

This year's

No I will NOT sit still!!!!!

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