Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seven Peaks with My Girl

My sweet friend Angie drove in from Las Vegas (to visit her family) and took a detour my way!!! 
Angie and I worked together at the Fort Collins Marriott and lost touch when she moved to VEgas with her boyfriend and got married.  But we were reunited by Facebook and then discovered we were prego at the same time and due around the same time.  We planned our nurseries together, discussed painting and decorating ideas, emailed each other essential lists of things to have for a baby, parenting advice, what we were going to take to the hospital.  It was a blast being pregnant with Angie.  The best part is Angie was being induced on May 5 and I was bummed because I had to be way overdue for them to induce me.  BUT, I went into labor on the 5th and we had our babies a few hours apart from each other.  We cried when we found out our babies were born on the same day.    

Anyway, we met at Seven Peaks (yes to find they closed two hours later... hosers!)  But I had a GREAT time.  Thanks Angie!  I love going on one ride with you, riding the lazy river while our blondies slept and just being with you!!!  Love ya!

Our blonde beauties

Angie, Her huney Bill and Graycn

and Trev!

Eating lunch!

So tired

Me and Angie!

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