Saturday, August 13, 2011


Brandon procured some ticket to the Journey/Foreigner?NightRanger concert thanks to the mayor of Sandy's son (and Brandon's co worker).

We had a blast feeling like we were the Utah elite.  The private City of Sandy box (Well we shared it with the Mayor of Sandy and some of his councilmen, boring old guys really) dinner and all the drinks and dessert we could stuff into ourselves.  FREE!  

I brought Sarah from work and Brandon brought his brother.  I was a dancer, Sarah joined in the fun... Brandon and Chris... not so much.  I hope Brandon get to keep his job after my crazy dancing.  The best part, I only knew four songs throughout the concert, but danced to them all!!!!

My Date Sarah.  And yes I explained to her on the first date I never put out.

When Brandon was "younger" all the pictures I have seen show him doing this.  "what is that?"  I asked.  "The Rocker!" Says he.  I joined................We're at a concert afterall

The smaller of the three suites.

Sarah dancing in the heat... I enjoyed the A/C.  I'm glad I brought her.  She loved it!!!

The only picture I took of Journey!

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