Monday, August 1, 2011

Girl's camp

I went to girl's camp with our ward.  Yikes!  I feel bad for my leaders when I was a YW.  I had a blast and was sad/ and so very happy to leave!  I missed the family.  
5 Mile Hike!  

A little game of "would you rather"
example- Would you rather drink a glass full of your own snot or two scabs from your best friend?"

I love my beehives! 

A little game of volleyball

Elayne!  The best beehive buddy I could ask for!

Pirate Cove

Sister Anderson, my buddy for the week.  Gave kind words or encouragement, a shoulder to cry on when Brandon left, a hug when I got in trouble for drinking Diet Coke and the first person to tell me that I was intelligent.  Now that made me cry.  

My cute Dani girl.  Kept me sane in a cabin full of beehives.  And a heart in a watermelon.  God's sense of humor.  

The swing.  It doesn't look so high until you get up there.

"Finding your Treasures!"  Pirate Theme

Is camp over yet?

Camp leaders!  Fearless and Wonderful!

They put me in charge of the leader's skit.  So we did a dance off and a few Lady Gaga songs!

I felt so loved all week long.  I was always surrounded by my girls.  I couldn't of asked for a better week!

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  1. I love girls camp!! I'm so glad you had such a fun time!!