Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Reunion

Long time since I posted!  This summer feels like it has been busy!

My family met up in Leadville, CO for our annual family reunion.  (Thank you Blaylocks for allowing us to use your cabin.)

A week full of FOOD, canoeing, paddle boating, Fourth of July in a small town, The First Annual Martineau Family Variety Show, altitude sickness, shooting at the Leadville shooting range, little sleep, and more FOOD!

Our family in the Old Navy garb.  

At the parade

Our spot.  Unlike in Provo, Ut, we didn't have to camp overnight to get it!

The crew

Self photo of Kyle A Eggett.  I think he looks like he is flying!  Super Kyle.

Every parade has to have smoky the bear!

20 minutes after it began, the parade was over!  Glorious!

Mickey, my niece, painted Claire's face so we didn't have to wait in line!

Free lunch at the Leadville Airport!

Paddle Boatin'

Lovely, just lovely.  So quiet.  I was ready to move to Leadville by the end of the week!

At the Fireworks show!

Claire, the popcorn queen.  

I loved the fireworks, I especially loved watching the Leadville Fire Department put out the fires because they launched the fireworks too close to the ground.  Good work fireworks crew!  Two shows!

Bedtime stories

Glow sticks!  Drinks all around!

Mr. A!

Sweet Mickey before our walk!

The girls!

Mom I guess is putting into play Roosevelt's saying "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

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