Saturday, August 13, 2011

15 Months

Every once in a while I meander into Claire's room after she's fallen asleep.  I peek over her crib railing and am surprised every time to see how big she is.  I think it's finally hit that she is not a baby anymore.  Bugga!  (Sometimes I wish I was British so I could say things like "Bugga", "Bloody", "Jolly Good", "Spot of Tea". And it would justify my want of a hat collection and a marriage to Prince Harry)

Anywhoo, our Claire is a feisty, talkative, particular, church hating, giggler.  We love her and love any everything she had done to turn our lives upside down.  

Her best friends are her blanky, binki, patches the neighbor's cat, daddy.

She is walking, digging in the trashy, splashing in the toilet (thank goodness she no longer uses the toilet brush to brush her teeth and hair!).  

She loves 
*cuddeling after a nap
*Dough- Doughs (Powdered Mini Doughnuts)
*Diet Coke
*Playing with our neighbors the LaRose family
*screaming just to hear her own voice

She is Saying
*Patchy (Patches the car)
*Nigh Nigh (Night Night)
*Kitty Kitty
*Baooon (Balloon)
*Baby (Blanket)
*Zippy (her friend across the street
*JoJO (Zippy's Brother)
*poop (Oh dearr!)
*WaWa (Water)
*BaBa (Bottle)
*NO!!!! (oh dear again)
* eye
*Thank you
* Please
*your welcome

She loves to show you where her nose is and where your eyes are (be forewarned!!!  She will poke your eye really bad if you let her show you where your eyes are)

15 month appointment with Dr Whiting went well, NO SHOTS!!!

She is
*20lbs 6 oz (putting her in the 15%)
*32 inches (putting her in the 94%)

Tall and skinny

And way too wiggly!  Don't bother her, she is into something....all the time

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