Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family Pictures

We took family pictures on Saturday before Bear's birthday party.  It only took ten minutes... Amazing


There and Back Again

What an adventure.  Is it sad to say, "I need a Diet Coke, or four" now that it's over. 

After two years of waiting, I am forever sealed to my Colonel Brandon, Princess Claire and ANY OTHER CHILDREN we may have in the future.  

We drove in Thursday, shopped for food and the birthday party on Friday and then WE SEALED THE DEAL on Friday night!  We got sealed.  I bawled the whole time.  Too bad you can't take Diet Coke into the temple for comfort (Yes, my name is Esther and I have a Diet Coke problem).  

We walked into the temple and were immediately greeted by two women.  Sister Archer was my camp director in Young Women's and she said she would be caring for Claire until the time she would be brought into us to be sealed.  I followed Sister Archer into the youth center to dropped Claire off and I immediately started to cry.  The kind ladies wiped my mascara staines off my face, taking my bronzer and concealer along with the stains .  Yikes talk about your hubby being sealed to the "true" person you are.  NO MAKEUP!!!!!  Anyway, Claire saw the toys, listened to the Primary hymns, gave the stuffed Pooh Bear a kiss and a hug and forgot I was there.  No stranger danger in the temple.  

I finally got my waterworks under control.  And we met with the records people to make sure everything was cleared up, and good thing we did.  Claire is a male on the church records.  Yikes again.  What would that have looked like when she got married in the temple to a man....  Anywhoo.  I met with the temple first counselor's wife and she explained what would happen and what I would be doing.  And then she started bawling, then I started bawling.  Adios any mascara I had left over. 
Exhibt A

I followed my escort to get some temple clothes.  (So the girls at work have heard of my sad process of loosing weight to fit into my temple dress.  One week before I left, I finally fit into my temple dress, but someone had to help me zip up the back.)  Anyway I was so worried that my dress would rip at any moment, so I walked into the temple a resolved myself to just wear one of the standard temple dresses they give you.  But to my surprise, they gave me a beautiful dress made of satin, some beautiful shoes and even a beautiful lace slip.  I started to cry again, I didn't have to wear the "ugly" temple dress.  Enter red, puffy eyes that makeup would have covered up.  My mom helped me get dressed and I felt beautiful, with or without makeup.  

Anyway, we went through the sealing ceremony without tears, until my vows came up.  Then I was a mess.  Then they brought Claire in and she was a ham!!!!  She loved the mirrors and that everyone was watching her.  It was wonderful.  And finally, I felt at peace.  

Feeling a bit like Kate and William

The people who came to the ceremony

She's walking!

Grandma's girls throwing her in the fountain

My girls Chantal and Nicole came!  I can't find the picture with Aubree, but she was there too!  Thanks girls.  You made m feel so special.  

Claire's new thing.  Puckering her lips.

Oh look a Claire flower.  She's otta here. 

Me and my Colonel Brandon