Monday, February 21, 2011

Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun.

Well I didn't wear stretchy pants in my room for my anniversary. (And for those of you who are chuckling and thinking of other stretchy "things" I might of worn in my room; I know who you are, keep those thoughts to yourself until I see you next and we can giggle...)  But yes I wore a stretchy dress to a fancy dinner and lookin' at photos now of  said stretchy dress... I should have considered other options.  Here's the low down.

We spent Friday night and Saturday in Logan, UT with the Brooks family before they head to Cali to work for Mickey Mouse.  We shall miss you, but are so excited to come visit you in the future.  I had a blast eating more than I should (thanks Robin for making my favorite strawberry treat), I really enjoyed spending four hours in the car, talking with my hubby.  I may or have not have had so much fun stayin' up with Claire into the untold hours of the night in the hotel room.  Two AM is not time to party little baby.  

Naughty but so cute!

We love Logan.  I love small town/college town feel.  I love the weather and the mountains... I may not love Logan policemen who write tickets to people, celebrating special days such as anniversaries.  DUH hoser.  (I would just like you to know that spelling check just auto corrected "hoser" to "Hoosier".  And I am sure you all would like to know that "Hoosier" defined by the dictionary is a native or inhabitant of Indiana, finding its origin in the early 19th century.  Talk amongst yourselves.)

Did I take any pictures of my fantastic Friday in Logan.  Nay I say.  I carried my camera around, but why would I use it for its original purpose?

Later Saturday night, Brandon, Claire and I met up with Malinda and Brian for Malinda's birthday. We went to Tacanos and I assumed the guise of Jaysree, our neighbor, who graciously offered to let me use their buy one get on free Birthday coupon.  I think I pull off a fantastic Puerto Ricana/ India ethnicity.

What do you think?  (This is the only blond picture I have of me...don't judge the weight gain... I got married, had a baby... not a likely mix to maintaining thinness...  I say to those who maintain their pre-wedding selves, "rock on".  To the other 99.9% of women who didn't, I'll meet you at the gas station for a Diet Coke and Rice Krispie Treat to gripe about it.)

Anyway, we ate too much and went home terribly uncomfortable and went to sleep.  

Sunday, Claire went to Grandma Sandy's

and Brandon and I stayed at La Callie in Sandy, UT thanks to the lovely Brittney.  Thanks for the hook up!  Wicked sweet, probably the coolest thing I have done in UT in the last four years.  

We were greeted by a swan and a bunch of ducks swimming in the pond.  No joke.

Zeee entreonce 
(For those of you who don't speak Esther's version of French, "the entrance")

Our personal cottage

The rocking chairs we sat in as we watched the snow fall

Someone had lit a fire and laid out Mormon champagne, fruit, cheese and crackers
(Have you ever said anything that you wonder "where did that come from?"? ) Here's mine.  I called La Callie beforehand to tell them we don't drink alcohol and they didn't need to bring down wine to the cottage.  But instead of telling them we don't drink, I told them Brandon was a recovering alcoholic.  The lie came out so fast it made me wonder if I am a pathological lier.  Anyway, according to La Callie, Brandon is a member of the local AA and has been on the sober bandwagon for 4 years.  Way to go honey!  Never had an ounce of booze in his life.  

Loving the California King

Sitting in the rocker before our dinner reservations

Getting snazzed up for dinner.  What a handsome boy.

(Of course I forgot to take pictures of us at dinner.)
 Great four course and for my own "journaling practices", here's what we ate.  Fresh bread, a rice/mushroom pilaf covered in a sweet wine broth.  A weed salad with green goddess dressing.  Potatoes, carots, green beans, a chicken thight in a Sherry sauce and some sort of pork chops which was one of the best things I have eaten in my life, and a chocolate cake with a "wedge" of ice cream, covered in a Irish cream chocolate sauce.  DIVINE!

After dinner, Brandon and I got our swimming suits on and jumped in our own personal hot tub.  To our surprise, it was actually a cool tub.  68 degrees later.  Yikes, I'll settled for a warm shower and a night of "Momma Mia".

The next morning the chef drove our breakfast to the  cottage and served us there.  We had ordered our breakfast when we checked in.  LOVED IT!!!!  

And the stretchy dress I wore to dinner.  Let us all keep this in mind, even though it its you in the right spot to flatter your waist, it may not hit you in the right spot to flatter your breasts...  I'm just saying.  Maybe if I had popped one knee and stood like Tyra Banks.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Another year has come and gone.  I'm 26!  Whoa... still waiting for my next great milestone, the early bird special at the age of 56!

Brandon came and picked me up from the airport, (by the way, thanks for the trip babe!  It was swell seeing the family)  I got home and found the house to be decked out AGAIN!  Recall last year?

He gave me Bakerella's cake pops decoratin book and all the goods I would need to make Cakepops!  LOVE!!!!!!  We made dinner and spent the evening with great friends.

Sorry Vendla that I graced you breast... Awkward..

Ok apology made, and all is better.

Claire missed her Chris while in Denver

Can you remind me why I am wearing this?

Cuz really, why would you put it on your face instead of your head?

My birthday buddy

Thanks for all you did!

Claire and I blowing out the candles

Thanks neighbors for coming over!

The decked out house.  Thanks honey.  It meant a lot to me.

 Thanks Bertochs, Vendla and Stricks.  Thanks for wearing birthday hats and playing Mofia and singing to me.   It was a blast.  

Oh and on a more apologetic note... Sorry I pulled the "It's my birthday card" so many times.  But in truth, I'm really not sorry that I made you all play the game my way "cuz it's my birthday"... IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY.  So I guess I'm not sorry.