Monday, January 17, 2011

Brown is the new blond!

Church... aren't you supposed to be listening to the spirit and... stuff?

My usual thoughts during church...
-What that girl just had a baby three months ago and she looks like she never had a baby and I still look prego!  
-Whoa I love that girl's outfit.  
-I wonder where she got those shoes.
-How does she look so cute all the time, she has five kids!  

Yesterday during Sunday school, I whispered to Brandon, "I think when I dye my hair brown, I'll be cuter and maybe even skinnier!"

He always says the right things, "Esther, when will you just learn to love the skin your in.  Changing your hair color won't change who you are."

Damn, I hate it when he's right.  Maybe I'll go inactive.  If I don't go to church, I won't have those thoughts.  I'm probably missing the point.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Did I do that?

Dear Claire,

Who's been eatin' my reciepts?

Wasn't Uncle Asa, he's in Boston.

Wasn't daddy, he doesn't eat paper.

Wasn't Grandma Susan

Wasn't Uncle Adin, he's on a mission far, far away

wasn't Maggie.  She only likes to eat dog food

wasn't me, that's just not my thing

Wasn't Uncle Austin.  He's too cool for that

Oh wait, you know who it was!?!  It was you!

If only eating paper lead to this kind of happiness

Thursday, January 13, 2011

To all my fellow readers.

My life came to a sad question today...  I am a Charlotte Lucas?  Here is the story to my epiphany..

Since I am no longer taking English courses on campus, I have begun reading again.  Funny how that works, for four years now, I have hated reading.  These past two weeks, I have stayed up at night and finished three, 400 pages novels of MY choosing.  (Would that ever happen with assigned readings from class.... NO!  I always became to sleepy to read, GOD BLESS CLIFF NOTES!)  

Last night, I dove into my movie collection, something I haven't done in a REALLY LONG TIME!!!  My sister Heidy gave me New Moon  and so I watched it for the first time.  So, my next readings of choice come from Stephanie Myers, a fellow BYU english major.  I want to understand the hype behind the Twilight saga.  I want to understand why people love Bella and Edward.  To me, they are annoying, typical hormonal teenagers.  So, tonight I will begin reading them again.  (Yuck, that made me sound like an English major... EWWW!!!)

Ok, so what does this have to do with Charlotte Lucas... and really who is she.  Well, to those of you well acquainted and BFFs with Jane Austen (Katie Eggett, Ursula Martineau and Shelly Martineau), Miss Lucas is the unheroic, tragic woman of Jane Austen.  A woman who married for security, for wealth.  Not for love.  She was very un-Elizabeth Bennett who I say I want to be like. 

So yesterday as I was watching New Moon, I fell in love with Jacob.  Why?  Why not Edward!?!?!  Edward is stone.  Edward is supposed to be hot (he really isn't in the movie.  They should have taken a poll or something before they cast him).  For Pete's sake, Edward is sparkly in the sun and all you know how much I love sparkly things.  Edward just doesn't make my butter melt.

Jacob, dark complected Jacob.  Let's just take a moment of silence and look at him.  All he needs is a little eyeliner and I'd be set.  

ohh and another just cause we can..  How old is this kid anyway.  Is this legal?

The ever constant Jacob, the one who never leaves, who fights for Bella's love when she loves another.  The boy who fixes Bella's bike, protects her from naughty vampires.  Heals her broken heart.  That's romance to me.  It's real to me.  I wanted to hold Jacob's hand.  Maybe make out with Jacob (I am trying to maintain Mormon teenager in my head....think 17 years old, think 17... Ok just stop thinking about it.)

Then I read some Pride and Prejudice today and got to Charlotte Lucas marrying Mr. Collins because he is real.  Collins will provide for her, is well connected.  Collins is a good match for a poor, aging girl.  But I say to myself, "COLLINS IS A TWIT!"

I like Jacob because he is real, Collins is real...Oh dear where's the romance?  Am I really Charlotte Lucas.  Wants to be romantic but can't.  PANIC!!  What about me....Did I marry right?  

Where's the romance?  It's ok, I married right...  My romance is hiding in another Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility.  I'm the wanna-be-passionate-romantic turned sensible.  I'm  Marianne.   Where's my romance?

It's at home, with my real, ready to fight for my love, mend my broken heart, never cover wagons me, unclogs my drains/toilets, fixes my broken cars, let's me put my cold feet on him,  Colonel Brandon Boyd Strickland.  


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Christmas Eve I worked...


But Claire opened her pjs before I went to work, correction, I opened her pjs, she ate the paper

Exhibit A

I got home and found that Santa had arrived at the same time and I told him I would help him put out his gifts to Claire.

The next morning we waited for Uncle Chris to get home from work.


I got a wedding band and a great necklace with my, Brandon's and Claire's named on it.  

Brandon got a gun!

Where's Claire?

Hung out with Grandma Sandy

We made a gingerbread house together.  It was a much bigger job than I thought.

I made pumpkin pie, but it must of not tasted good cause Brandon and I were the only ones who ate it.

Claire's first Christmas and she won't remember it

Who needs parents when you got Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandmas and Grandpas?

The crafts

Instead of writing papers, studying for finals and being stress free, I made crafts.

A Christmas Count Down

A wreath

A Tree

A Picture for my mom... but no pictures of my picture book.  Dumb blonde!

A my house is wicked clean

And she's mobile

The bear is mobile which means that noise is good, silence is bad and stairs are bad...


We had a great time in Denver.  I love my family and this year I decided that they are the thing I am most grateful for.  I am so grateful that Jesus made it possible that I may be with them through all eternity.

The weathermen told everyone that this would be the worst storm of the year and warned everyone not to travel.  So, we prayed, felt good about and left.  But first, Claire and I hit up the local weight watcher meeting so I would at least feel like I was going to die skinny.

Aunt Heidy gave Claire an unlimited amount of cake batter.  And then she was there to take care of the upset tummy.  

She was so helpful and helped Grandma Susan make her rolls

Claire had turkey and sweet potatoes and mixed veggies for dinner.. and a rolls she helped make.

Looked through the Black Friday ads

Helped decorate Grandma Susan's tree

Swung on Grandma's swing

Worked on her grandma face

Wrote her list to Santa

Thought about Jesus

Learned to sit like a lady.

Watched Andrew get baptized and Sarah get blessed

Loved on her mom and dad

and laughed at Aunt Ursula a bit....