Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give me a Diet Coke, I gotta six month old!

My Claire Bear turned six month on November 5th!  What a great baby.

I love your sass.

I love your sweet toothless grin.  

I love that you think I am THE FUNNIEST person in the world. 

 I love to make you giggle and blow raspberries.  I love that you try to escape from the tub and play with the faucet.

I love that you cry when I leave the room and smile when you see me again.

I love that you kick your legs whenever you get excited.
I love that you are teaching me "don't sweat the small stuff".  Especially when you splash all your bathwater out of your tub.

I love that you like to cook with me and watch Dancing with the Stars. 

 I love that you are still here and that God knew I needed you, when I didn't understand why you were coming so soon.

Claire's Daily Activites
Screaming to hear her own voice (Don't ask her to use her "indoor" voice.  She'll only scream louder!)
Squash and Pears

Playing with her friends Emma and Rachel while mommy goes to school MWF

Diet Coke (I may or may not have given her some after her 6 month shots.  I spoke her language that day)


Humming herself to sleep
Playing with Grandma Sandy

Going to school with mommy
Singing ( Say LaLaLa and she'll sing it back to you!)
Wearing skinny jeans and jeggings.
Pulling daddy's ears while he pulls hers.

We love you Claire Bear.  You are the sweetest short person we could have ever asked for!

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  1. Love love love you, Claire Bear!!! Isn't it crazy to think you kept a tiny human alive for 6 whole months already! You rock, woman :-)