Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh that's how I felt the last couple of weeks.  The Strickland Witch is in...  BEWARE!!!!

School, Work, Figuring out this mom thing (but hey, she isn't dead or starving!), papers to be written, books to be read, the laundry is never ending, the dishes are always there, messes to pick up, skinniness to be obtained, church callings, bathrooms to be cleaned, meetings, a Claire Bear to entertain.  And this nagging thought in my brain that I just want to take a nap.

My girls at work tell me "Life only gets busier!"  


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  1. I think the best thing to remember is that you're almost done with school, and that will free up a lot more of your time. I feel exactly how you feel most of the time...but I just keep telling myself "I can do anything for 2 years". Only 18 months to go!!! So give yourself a countdown til school is finished, and it feels so good to mark those months off! Snuggle that little Bear of yours, too. Time flies. Love you girl.