Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are!

I have a oober cute 31 year old and a super obber cute four month old who have NEVER been to the zoo.  Lucky for them, the zoo is my favorite place (besides Disneyland and anything California), so I showed them the ropes...

Brandon, our favorite public works man, had to set up a CERT booth for Cottonwood Heights at 9, so we got to the zoo at 10. NO ONE THERE!!!  LOVE IT!!!!

Miss Bear loved the monkeys, (Inside joke in my head).  

She especially loved the orange ones... Maybe a new favorite color.  

On to the elephants, my favorite attraction.  This is the oldest elephant in North America.  I shall call her Betty, I can't remember her name.  

Then we met one year old Zuri and her mom Kristie

Then we went to the bird show.  Claire got bored..  Great time to nap


See how we measure up

Seriously mom!  No more.  

Great morning at the zoo, nap time on the way home with a new friend, stuffed elephant Zuri

Great First time at the zoo.

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  1. Looks like you had fun! I especially love the picture of you holding Claire up to the gorilla measurements and the last one of her and Brandon. She is SO dang cute!