Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Blessed Day

After many months of people asking when we were going to bless Claire, and the usual response, "The same weekend we get sealed", Brandon and I finally decided to go ahead a bless Claire.  The sealing process/paperwork is coming along much slower than anticipated.

So we invited the family to come on over to the Happy Valley of Utah for a Labor Day weekend extravaganza.  Saturday, we ate lunch and went swimming.  

Daddy and Claire!  She love the pool.  Huge bathtub

Playing with Uncle Chris

I love this picture.  I wonder what is on Brandon's mind.

Claire was done being in the pool but she loved watching everyone swim

I love the Saratoga Springs pool.  It is wonderful in the summer and winter!

Brandon and Uncle Chris are a HUGE hit with mu nieces and nephews.  They love playing and climbing all over Chris and Brandon  (Exhibit A. Kylie is sitting on Chris's shoulders) 

Sunday!  Blessing Day 

Claire is all clean and ready in her sweet dress made by Grandma Susan

Trying to get Claire to look at the camera.  

Nope! still not looking....  

More pictures to come!  My camera died, so great grandma Gwyn is sending them our way!

(BY THE WAY!  I put on my big girl panties and fed 18 people!  I made Sunday dinner, NO WAY!)

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