Monday, August 30, 2010

Paying it forward

Well...  We went back to school and I don't know how I feel about it.   I have been struggling with leaving Claire with a sitter while I finish up my last year of school.  So I found two professor that didn't mind babies as long as they aren't a distraction.  So I toted Claire in her car seat across campus, and  I got a lot of really funny looks, but also a lot of kind glances of encouragement.  One girl even asked if she could carry Claire's car seat for awhile!  Huge blessing, I was feeling a bit lonely and really out of place, and she really made me feel safe again.  Thanks Liz, who is getting married soon.  I will probably never see you again, but I promise to pay the kindness forward.
   It all seems a bit overwhelming and I really don't want to do it.  Do I stop going to school and then go back in two years and finish with BYU's online programs?  Or do I plow through and finish by August?  Hateful.  


  1. You can do it!!!! If you wait who know what your life might have in store. You could be wanting another sweet baby in 2 years. Who knows. I love you and wish you all the blessings you need as you finish school.

  2. I'm with Shayle on this one! Although it seems way hard now, I think it's going to be really hard anytime. Especially if in two years she'll be interacting more and it might be harder to study. You can do it!! Only 8 months. You can do it!!