Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne - Rumba (Full Clip)

I made the smartest and dumbest choice when I came to Utah to go to school at BYU.

   *Lost 90 credits and started as a freshman in college all over again
   *Left a great job and an even more fantastic job offer at an OBGYN office (better hours/ more money!)
   *Missing the family and friends I have in Denver

   *I feel in love with dance all over again
   *I feel in love with Brandon ad now have a baby
   *Have made great friends
But I miss the reason I came out here... ballroom dance.  I have let my body get out of shape and am now facing the daunting task of getting back in shape and ready to take the final classes need for my minor in Ballroom Dance.  I have to start over again!  It'll be a long and bumpy road, and I am not looking forward to the challenge.  But I have easily given up on so many things and looked back with regret and I refuse to do the same with Ballroom Dance.  I am not giving up and I won't let the words... "Loose weight." ever get to me again.  

Every time I think of dancing and get discourage, I watch this video and get all excited again!

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  1. I miss dancing too! We should get back in shape together. What's your strategy?