Friday, July 30, 2010

Smack down with Elmo

"What Elmo? ... What you say about my momma?"

"No one says nothin' about my momma.  Elbow to the face!"

"You wanna a piece of me?"

"Take That!"

"And that!"

"What ya looking at now Elmo? "

Serves you right Elmo...  And what gender are you anyway?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She rolled!

It's kinda long, so you don't have to watch the whole thing!

The amazing talents of Claire

She rolled... or at least I think she rolled...  Anyway, I am proud to say I got it on film.  What an amazing mother I am (I think if I keep telling Claire how amazing I am as her mom, she'll believe me one day.  Is that brainwashing.... I dunno but it works!)
She was on the floor talking to the ceiling fan... and then she tried to roll...  First attempt!
And  the crowd goes wild!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne - Rumba (Full Clip)

I made the smartest and dumbest choice when I came to Utah to go to school at BYU.

   *Lost 90 credits and started as a freshman in college all over again
   *Left a great job and an even more fantastic job offer at an OBGYN office (better hours/ more money!)
   *Missing the family and friends I have in Denver

   *I feel in love with dance all over again
   *I feel in love with Brandon ad now have a baby
   *Have made great friends
But I miss the reason I came out here... ballroom dance.  I have let my body get out of shape and am now facing the daunting task of getting back in shape and ready to take the final classes need for my minor in Ballroom Dance.  I have to start over again!  It'll be a long and bumpy road, and I am not looking forward to the challenge.  But I have easily given up on so many things and looked back with regret and I refuse to do the same with Ballroom Dance.  I am not giving up and I won't let the words... "Loose weight." ever get to me again.  

Every time I think of dancing and get discourage, I watch this video and get all excited again!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Head...Move! Now!

Claire is perfecto!  We went to her two month appointment on July 6.  She had a rough morning, crying if she wasn't held.   I think she sensed that she was in for a big afternoon, full of shots!  She cried all the way to the office, at the check in counter (the nurses felt bad for me and just took me back to a room), and she continued to cry when she got measured. 
Claire a two months
Weighs 10 lbs 10 oz and is in the 45% for weight
She is 23 inches tall and is in the 75% for heigh
Her head is large.... 85% for head circumfrence
The Martineau gene has overtaken...  Head!  Move!  Now! the movie

 The moment that Claire's pediatrician, Dr. Michael Whiting  walked in, she stopped.  She talked to him, let him examine her ears, mouth and belly!  He said she was perfect!  After giving us some samples of formula (Yeah for free formula!), the nurse was sent in to give the immunizations.  

I laid Bear on the table and held her binki in her mouth and talked with her.  It was a delayed reaction, but her face made me sad and laugh all at the same time.  When she finally decided to cry, she looked at me like "What have you done woman!"  Then she cried with all the sadness in the world, and what did this loving mom do...laugh.  It was so dramatic I couldn't help myself.  Anywhoo, to say the least, she wan't a happy camper the rest of the day.  She loved taking a bath, it made her legs feel better, and she loved the new experience of taking Tylenol (Yummy for Claire!), but after three hours of non-stop crying, Claire Bear and I went to Allen's house so I could walk around the block and CLaire could see new faces to cry at.  Claire loves Allen.  Whenever he holds her, she stops crying...and stop crying she did.  She didn't want to go to anyone else the rest of the night, just Allen.  

                                           At least her outfit was cute for the doctor's office.  

Monday, July 5, 2010

I can't believe Miss Claire is two months today.  What a wild ride!  She has completely consumed us.  I don't know who's schedule we go by now a days.  All I know is that the schedule defiantly isn't mine.  

Claire's little world  consists of her BFFs: 
*her dottie (pacifier)

*her bottle
*her whale tub which she named Bumpbo with the help of her oh so clever mom

her bouncy chair
her daddy
(By the way, you can add duckling saver to his resume.  On Saturday, Brandon rescued four baby ducks.  I fell in love all over again.  My hero!
She is especially talented.   
Claire is great at turning anyone into her personal lounge chair.  
She is fantastic at stretcher.  Claire is by far the most talented stretcher I know.  Her routine after nap and after getting out of her car seat can last up to 7 minutes.  
She is good at falling asleep anywhere she goes

Claire's nick names are numerous.  We spent five months trying to figure out the perfect name, and then we rarely call it.  
*Claire Bear
*Miss Bear
*Claire de Lune
*Miss de Lune
*Clara Bell

We'll let you know about the stats tomorrow.  We love our girl!