Saturday, June 5, 2010

Momma in the Hood

I once had a fish... not even named... it died on the way home.

I now have a child... name Claire... One month later, she is still alive. 

I love my Claire Bear.  She has these big, amazing eyes that seem to look into your soul; you wonder what she knows.  Sometimes I think that she knows all the naughties I commit.  Best behavior from now on, I swear!  She loves to be talked to.  She's a great listener and she doesn't give dumb, or unasked for advice.  She is so alert.

Mommyhood has been a struggle, not gunna to lie.  She was a big surprise to start with.  So finally by the seventh month when I was prego, when I could feel her movements, I started to love her.  But it all changed when she was born. At first I was ashamed to admit that I really didn't feel connected to her ... which lead to tons of crying.  But now that my raging hormones have slightly settled and I have gotten to know Claire for one whole month, I feel like I  like her.  Ok, I confess...I love her.
Why?  Let me tell you.  We'll start with the shallow things.

*She wears anything I put on her.  Exhibit A

I love her bum.

*She goes to bed around 10 and wakes up at 4 or 5 to eat.  I really like sleep, and I feel like I never get the amount I want to.  I swore I would never put her in bed with me, but I'll admit this week I have enjoyed her coming and laying by me at 7 in the morning so I can catch 40 more minutes of sleep
And she sleeps with her hands above her head, just like her daddy.

She forgets when I make a mistake, and she forgives when I repeat the same mistake.

She has started to coo and she smiled when Brandon and his brother Chris talked to her on 6-3-10

She loves to stretch.  Every time I unwrap her, she stretches for five minutes... And without fail, she'll fart once or twice...or maybe even three times

I love her feet.  I love painting her toe nails!  (I am still working up the courage to cut her fingernails!  Hateful and scary!)

She always has her right hand by her face or holds her right ear.  I love her daddy's ears and so it makes me giggle.

She always seems to know when you need her to just love you unconditionally.  I had my first sinus infection and ear ache and Claire just came and loved me.
She is a felon.  Ok, so Brandon and I are responsible for her crime.  We went to his brother's community pool and we were made examples of.  They wouldn't let us swim because we didn't have the right swim cover ( we had the swim diaper and we had the plastic cover that has to be over the swim diaper).  The lady that checks people in had made a mistake when we registered and we pointed it, so she decided to go all power hungry.  Damn lady said we didn't have the right cover and wouldn't let us swim period.  She made me a little angry, so we snuck Claire into the pool.  She loved it and so did we!  We went home all proud of ourselves.  

Picture to come of her felony.  I haven't upload them yet.  

Claire is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.  Sometimes she acts like a diva...

and she doesn't like off pitched singing or being too hot when she sleeps.  She likes her space but wants you near.  She hates to be changed and loves to "dirty" her diaper right after you change her.  But she is a love and we couldn't/ wouldn't ask for more.  


  1. Esther, this is sooooo cute!!! Claire is such a doll and you sound like the world's greatest mom. It's all about loving each other. I can't wait to visit you, I promise it will be soon :-) My kids both slept with their arms above their heads like their daddy, too. Bella still does, and she's 6 years old. I love it. Cute post.

  2. Oh she is just beautiful, and you are a good mommy. Its not easy, I totally agree but it is worth every little smile you get. I'm still a chicken with the fingernails and so its James job. :) Just pass on the stuff you don't want to do to your husband, thats what we married them for right?!!

  3. miss you guys! (love the post but love you more - esp. 'cause you're so human!)

  4. That is THE CUTEST picture of her in the necklace! You definitely made one super adorable kid! I hope all is going well with you and I can't wait to have mine :]