Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wow... That was... Different

Our little Claire made her grand entrance into the world May 5, 2010.  Being four days late, we knew every day was a guessing game.  The big question being, “Is she coming today?”  And why wouldn't Miss Claire choose May 5...Brandon’s final’s had started up at the U that night.  He left for work that morning and kindly, no... more like pleaded with the short person inside my belly, “Please don’t come today.”  He walked out the front door and I jokingly said, “Because you said that, she’s coming today!”  Boy, I love it when I am right.  
I had been nauseous all morning long, but knew since my mom was coming into town that weekend, (scheduled induction on Saturday, May, 8), I needed to re-clean the bathrooms, kitchen and vacuum all the floors.  I think my priorities are whacked... who clean when they feel like poo?
Around one, I thought if I got in the shower I would feel better.  I got out, answered the phone call from Brandon and started to dry off.  I told him as a joke that I think had been having a few contractions.  Just as I started to giggle about my funniness, my water broke.  I didn’t know it was my water, and thought I had urinated all over the floor.  “Brandon!  I am so sorry, I just wet myself all over the floor.  Or was that my water?  I dunno, I call you back!”  So I got in the shower, and as more fluid came, I decidedly said to myself, “yes!  In fact, my water what?”  Then the contractions came two minutes apart...  All I ave to say is, good hell, they hurt...bad!!!  After a panic phone call from Brandon who said he would race home, what did I do?  I first freaked out that my list of things to do wasn’t done and my mom would know what a lazy housekeeper I was, I finished straightening my hair, put my make up on, dabbed myself with some perfume, packed my hair straightener (because it is so important to look your best after you pushed a baby out!) and decided that I need a epidural now!  An hour passes and I called Brandon and told him I wasn’t waiting for him anymore and he needed to meet me at the hospital.  So I prayed the next contraction would wait till I got to the hospital ( did!  I didn’t have one until I got into the parking lot!), grabbed my recently packed over night bag and pillow, waved to my neighbors as I pulled out and drove to the hospital.  The rest is history.  All I have to say is, labor is a different experience.  You don’t care about anything except getting the baby out...sooner rather than later!  They prepped me for a
c/s cuz Claire’s heart tones were dropping every contractions, but after a little help from the Dr on call, we were able to turn Miss Claire so she wasn’t posterior!  The C/s was cancelled, I was completely effaced and dilated and it was time to push!  For a first time mom, I was blessed.  I only had to labor for six hours and only had to push for 40 Minutes.  Claire came out beautiful and perfect! No cone head!
I had a fever of 103 the whole labor and since I was GBS+, I passes an infection onto Claire.  So she got to hang in Level II, the baby ICU, with all my buddies from mom/baby until 48 hours of antibiotics were administered.  We got the royal treatment!  I love all my girls at work!  I got down to my room and it was covered in streamers and Happy Birthday signed, filled with goodies and had two great moo-moo (how do you spell that?) waiting to be worn!  It is nice to have friends.  One hour, two percocets and an ambien later, I was out! 
Wow... if you hung in there and read this whole bloody thing, I am impressed and grateful!  Too long and too much information!  Oh and by the way, Brandon did meet me at the hospital!  I saw his face and broke into tears.  My rock had arrived and I wasn’t scared anymore!

I promise the fat face comes from tons of IV fluids and the red comes from the fever I had!  Gross, but now I have my face back!


  1. I loved reading your wild story! It's so funny how no one has the same experience, and I have yet to find anyone that had a textbook normal delivery. I love how labor makes you not care about anything but getting that baby out. Your a trooper and Clair is absolutely beautiful. I hope your going to be at Chantals bridal show next week I would love to see that sweet baby girl.

  2. Congratulations again Esther! She is so dang cute! I am so glad you didnt have to have a c/s they are NO FUN! Enjoy her and get as much sleep as possible!