Thursday, April 29, 2010

There's a Hole in my Bucket!

So today I was cruising my own blog...yes I know, that is weird.  While looking at old posts and seeing what I was up to, my eyes wandered to the right and saw the baby count down.   Two days left till our Baby Claire is “supposed” to be here.  I panicked.  It is so silent with her in my belly, and I can take her anywhere I want (except on an airplane...currently), and I can be irresponsible and sleep until two in the afternoon if I want.  (I don’t really sleep until two unless I have worked the night before.  I am just trying to cover my bum just in case my mom reads this.  Then she’ll think she raised a productive member of society!)  But yes, Claire is supposed to be here in two days and I wonder, if I suck it up at being a mom, does God forgive and forget at the big white pearly gates?  Or does that earn me a one way bus ticket to hang with the Satan... 
What if I leave her on the car roof in her car seat like I sometimes do with my 32 oz Pepsi from the gas station.  Maybe I should invest in some post it notes.  I could put one on my steering wheel that asks, “Do you have your baby and is she in the back seat ... not on the roof?”  Maybe I’ll do that.


  1. I literally go through a mental checklist every time I leave my apartment. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Diaper bag? Check. Baby? CHECK!! You really just have to get in the mindset, but it's not that hard. You get used to having this tiny child with you everywhere you go. :) And I highly doubt you'll even be able to lift Claire in her car seat high enough to put her on the roof of the car. Those beasts are heavy!!

  2. You'll be A Great Momma! In fact, I know that Claire chose You of everyone that could have been chosen so don't you worry ... you two girls will have your ups and your downs and you'll grow-up together and laugh with one another (esp. at your inside jokes) and cry with each other and be angry at each other and once in awhile, she'll tell you things that are too grown-up for her to say, like "Momma I'm very proud of you" or "Momma you are very brave and kindful" and you'll know that it those words are heavenly messages from Him saying you're doin' alright!
    Love you. So excited for you. Can't wait to come hold your sweet Angel!

    p.s. love love love her bed - You had it in you all along!