Friday, April 2, 2010

Holy Batman

Well, I am 36 weeks!  Holy Cow.  I still wonder what God was thinking when he sent me this baby.  I am not so sure about being a good mom, but promised God and my husband that I will love her and always take care of her!  Mommy hood here I come!

It is awkward standing there....I don't know why!

Brandon told me to smile nicely!  Me trying to explain how awkward, I feel!

                                                                           Baby Claire due May 1!


  1. I love it Esther, you're beautiful! Enjoy every awkward moment of it :-)

  2. ahhhhhhhhh, you're cute. Can't wait for you to pop! (Claire will be glad you got a picture of her inside.) Love you - sorry we couldn't make it down this weekend. Soon, though.

  3. i was excited to take "baby bump" pictures but quickly realized they are totally awkward. but still worth having! good luck with your last month! maximize the time with just you and your hubby!