Friday, April 23, 2010

First Week Off!!!!

Can I say how much I love school being over with!  (Well let's face the facts and then forget about the facts.  I do have two semesters left and I am taking an online course and two BOM courses at institute over the summer...Now let us forget.)
I love school being out.  I love that I can wake up and stay in my pjs while I think about what I might do that day.  I embrace Grandmother Gwyn's love for creating list upon list of things to get done.  Strange things to do like wash the front door and take worchestire sauce to clean the brass, clean out the window sills, clorox the fridge... I think you get the picture.  Who makes lists to use worchestire sauce to clean the brass in  your home (By the way it does work.  One summer I stayed with my Grandmother and she had me clean her green dinner bell with the nasty sauce and whoa!!!  It works!  Shiny and brassy new!  And, then you can put the sauce in your hamburger meat with steak 
seasoning.  Thank you Adam and Robyn Brooks for introducing us to the wonderful world of hamburgers!)
Anyway, I feel like much is accomplished (look at my house and you might think something different).  Our third bedroom is finally unpacked and there isn't a box in sight!  I bought the supplies to make baby announcements...just lacking the paper cutter to actually cut them.  Anyone have one to lend?  (You would think I learned my lesson when I thought it would be fun to make 300 wedding announcements...but now I have decided to make baby announcements.)  
After all is said and done ... It is arguable and the reason I am doing all this is because I am nesting. (I hate that phrase, it sounds like I am spitting and sliming down my house to prepare for a baby.  Isn't that what birds do?  Maybe I am misinformed.)  But when it comes down to it, I am just trying to put myself in labor.  Brandon wants Claire now before he has to start Post (Police Academy) ... and something about spending time with her.  Anyway...  39 weeks down, one to go.  I don't have  qualms with Miss Claire Bear staying in for awhile.  As long as I have my sleeping pills and no where to go at 9 am... I am set for a life of huge pregnancyness....  Pictures to come

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  1. I'm so excited for you to have your baby! But I really wish you still lived here in Provo so I could come visit you all the time until you were completely sick of me. :) But at least I'd offer to take your baby for a few hours every now and then so you could take a nap..or shower..or get dressed. lol All those simple things that become much more complicated when you have a newborn! :)