Friday, April 30, 2010

The Butter on my Bread, the Breath in my life

I love reading people’s blogs.  Even if I don’t know them very well, or I haven’t seen or talked with them in a long time.  Today I read my cute friend from high school’s blog ... Cute Prego Kerry Perry ... and she said something that got me thinking.  Soul mates ... do they exist?  For her, she doesn’t believe her and her husband were soul mates, destined to be together from the beginning of time.  But she believes in a little divine intervention that brought them together to make a great pair.  
So as I sit here in a warm bed, listening to my Colonel Brandon snore loudly next to me and Claire having a fiesta in my belly (really, it concern me that she always has parties at 2 in the morning and doesn’t invite anyone else.  A.) How rude, and B.)  She is going to keep daddy up all night long when I go back to work.)  Anyway, back to listening to Brandon snore... do I believe in soul mates.  I know I believe there are multiple people out there in the world that could have been my husband.  If two people are fully committed to making the other happy, I believe that we can love anyone. 
But Brandon and I have discussed many plans that we made in our lives, but never fulfilled.  For instance, when I was a senior in high school, I planned on going to Utah State to go to nursing school.  Brandon’s friend, Adam Brooks, went to Utah State and Brandon considered going to school there.  I realize it is a big campus with lots of students, but would we have met? 
When I was at CSU, Brandon had thought of going to an auto mechanic school in Rawlings, WY.  That same year, I had thought of moving and finishing up nursing school in Rawlings, WY.  Would we have met? I think so.  There is only one singles ward.  There is one more circumstance that we have discussed before, but I can’t remember it. 
But do I believe in soul mates?  I do think there could have been others that  I would have been happy with, but when it comes to me and Brandon, I believe in soul mates.  We would have found each other eventually, and I think God knew we needed each other.  
As Julia Child’s husband said, “You are the butter on my bread, you are the breath in my life.”  To my Brandon, you are the breath in my life. I love you! 


  1. For cute!! I'm so glad you read my blog! I loved your post:) Very good

  2. I do beleive you just gave me goose bumps!

  3. I just read Kerry's blog and from it clicked on from reading both of those I'm feeling all gushy inside and like I need to give my husband a big kiss!! Love ya and can't wait to hear of Baby Claire coming!

  4. Oh, that's sweet! We love you and Brandon. I just saw you have one day left! Good luck and keep us posted!

  5. *sigh* quite making me cry Esther. It is not nice. you are the most fetchingly adorable person I know.