Sunday, April 11, 2010

About Us!

Lover of quality time and red toe nails
Who feels the need to make people happy.
Who needs a big Brandon hug and a chocolate banana milkshake
Who gives a great listening ear, and not so good advice
Who fears losing people, deep water and big teethed fish
Who would like to see The world, one beautiful and not so beautiful place at a time....  and an actual live episode of Dancing with the Stars on the set.
Resident of the land of lovely and luscious and craziness
Pleasant Grove, UT

Lover of hamburgers
Who feels out of place most of the time
Who needs a warm shower and spent casings
Who gives a hearty smile when needed
Who fears ingrown toenails and parasites
Who would like to see the end of all entitlements
Resident of Anywhere, Texas

Unborn Baby Claire Strickland
Lover of amnionic fluid and music through the womb ... and maybe pig tails.
Who feels squished and cramped...tired
Who needs daddy's voice and a little bit more fatty tissue
Who gives a great kick to the bladder at three in the morning
Who fears falling and loud noises
Who would like to see some lace legging on her legs, zebra shoes on her feet and a nice swing and a glider in her room when she is born.
Resident of Esther Strickland's uterus
Pleasant Grove, UT


  1. Of course. It's all very logical. Happy times. (love you!) (thanks for a nice start to my monday morn.)

  2. haha esther you make me laugh you're so cute! I'm looking for some lace socks for you so don't you worry!