Friday, April 30, 2010

The Butter on my Bread, the Breath in my life

I love reading people’s blogs.  Even if I don’t know them very well, or I haven’t seen or talked with them in a long time.  Today I read my cute friend from high school’s blog ... Cute Prego Kerry Perry ... and she said something that got me thinking.  Soul mates ... do they exist?  For her, she doesn’t believe her and her husband were soul mates, destined to be together from the beginning of time.  But she believes in a little divine intervention that brought them together to make a great pair.  
So as I sit here in a warm bed, listening to my Colonel Brandon snore loudly next to me and Claire having a fiesta in my belly (really, it concern me that she always has parties at 2 in the morning and doesn’t invite anyone else.  A.) How rude, and B.)  She is going to keep daddy up all night long when I go back to work.)  Anyway, back to listening to Brandon snore... do I believe in soul mates.  I know I believe there are multiple people out there in the world that could have been my husband.  If two people are fully committed to making the other happy, I believe that we can love anyone. 
But Brandon and I have discussed many plans that we made in our lives, but never fulfilled.  For instance, when I was a senior in high school, I planned on going to Utah State to go to nursing school.  Brandon’s friend, Adam Brooks, went to Utah State and Brandon considered going to school there.  I realize it is a big campus with lots of students, but would we have met? 
When I was at CSU, Brandon had thought of going to an auto mechanic school in Rawlings, WY.  That same year, I had thought of moving and finishing up nursing school in Rawlings, WY.  Would we have met? I think so.  There is only one singles ward.  There is one more circumstance that we have discussed before, but I can’t remember it. 
But do I believe in soul mates?  I do think there could have been others that  I would have been happy with, but when it comes to me and Brandon, I believe in soul mates.  We would have found each other eventually, and I think God knew we needed each other.  
As Julia Child’s husband said, “You are the butter on my bread, you are the breath in my life.”  To my Brandon, you are the breath in my life. I love you! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

There's a Hole in my Bucket!

So today I was cruising my own blog...yes I know, that is weird.  While looking at old posts and seeing what I was up to, my eyes wandered to the right and saw the baby count down.   Two days left till our Baby Claire is “supposed” to be here.  I panicked.  It is so silent with her in my belly, and I can take her anywhere I want (except on an airplane...currently), and I can be irresponsible and sleep until two in the afternoon if I want.  (I don’t really sleep until two unless I have worked the night before.  I am just trying to cover my bum just in case my mom reads this.  Then she’ll think she raised a productive member of society!)  But yes, Claire is supposed to be here in two days and I wonder, if I suck it up at being a mom, does God forgive and forget at the big white pearly gates?  Or does that earn me a one way bus ticket to hang with the Satan... 
What if I leave her on the car roof in her car seat like I sometimes do with my 32 oz Pepsi from the gas station.  Maybe I should invest in some post it notes.  I could put one on my steering wheel that asks, “Do you have your baby and is she in the back seat ... not on the roof?”  Maybe I’ll do that.

Friday, April 23, 2010

First Week Off!!!!

Can I say how much I love school being over with!  (Well let's face the facts and then forget about the facts.  I do have two semesters left and I am taking an online course and two BOM courses at institute over the summer...Now let us forget.)
I love school being out.  I love that I can wake up and stay in my pjs while I think about what I might do that day.  I embrace Grandmother Gwyn's love for creating list upon list of things to get done.  Strange things to do like wash the front door and take worchestire sauce to clean the brass, clean out the window sills, clorox the fridge... I think you get the picture.  Who makes lists to use worchestire sauce to clean the brass in  your home (By the way it does work.  One summer I stayed with my Grandmother and she had me clean her green dinner bell with the nasty sauce and whoa!!!  It works!  Shiny and brassy new!  And, then you can put the sauce in your hamburger meat with steak 
seasoning.  Thank you Adam and Robyn Brooks for introducing us to the wonderful world of hamburgers!)
Anyway, I feel like much is accomplished (look at my house and you might think something different).  Our third bedroom is finally unpacked and there isn't a box in sight!  I bought the supplies to make baby announcements...just lacking the paper cutter to actually cut them.  Anyone have one to lend?  (You would think I learned my lesson when I thought it would be fun to make 300 wedding announcements...but now I have decided to make baby announcements.)  
After all is said and done ... It is arguable and the reason I am doing all this is because I am nesting. (I hate that phrase, it sounds like I am spitting and sliming down my house to prepare for a baby.  Isn't that what birds do?  Maybe I am misinformed.)  But when it comes down to it, I am just trying to put myself in labor.  Brandon wants Claire now before he has to start Post (Police Academy) ... and something about spending time with her.  Anyway...  39 weeks down, one to go.  I don't have  qualms with Miss Claire Bear staying in for awhile.  As long as I have my sleeping pills and no where to go at 9 am... I am set for a life of huge pregnancyness....  Pictures to come

Saturday, April 17, 2010

For you Britt

Another addition to the eye liner list

Muy caliente!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I find... I find you strangely attractive

Here is another procrastinating blog... why can't I just use my time wisely and write the freaking English papers due tomorrow!?!?!!?  Where's the fun in that?  I'd rather write about my weird quirks.

All these men have one thing in common.... And I find them all... strangely attractive.

Adam Lambert...homosexual but still attractive...WHY?

Bret Michaels... way too old for me, heterosexual, rocker ... Still attractive... WHY you ask?

Johnny Depp ... Everyone loves, lusts call it what you will, but still attractive ... WHY???

Will Turner (Not Orlando Bloom)  WHY?

Do you give up?

I am ashamed to say that I have discovered a love for men in eyeliner.  I asked Brandon to humor me once and put on eyeliner...  I guess there are somethings love won't even make people do.  For Brandon, he loves me, but he won't  touch the eyeliner.   

Well what's the point

Today Miss Claire and I hit the 38 week marker (A picture to come tonight.  I can't justify waking Brandon up at 3 in the morning for a 38 week picture).  I had my Dr's apt last Tuesday and I am still measuring at 1/2 cm and they say they won't talk to me about inducing labor until I am over 41 weeks.  So that is two more weeks until my due date, and it hit me...What's the point in working in the Mom/ Baby unit and delivering at the hospital I work at if....I don't get any perks?  Dear Dr. Haskett, just induce me at 40 weeks!  Thank you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

About Us!

Lover of quality time and red toe nails
Who feels the need to make people happy.
Who needs a big Brandon hug and a chocolate banana milkshake
Who gives a great listening ear, and not so good advice
Who fears losing people, deep water and big teethed fish
Who would like to see The world, one beautiful and not so beautiful place at a time....  and an actual live episode of Dancing with the Stars on the set.
Resident of the land of lovely and luscious and craziness
Pleasant Grove, UT

Lover of hamburgers
Who feels out of place most of the time
Who needs a warm shower and spent casings
Who gives a hearty smile when needed
Who fears ingrown toenails and parasites
Who would like to see the end of all entitlements
Resident of Anywhere, Texas

Unborn Baby Claire Strickland
Lover of amnionic fluid and music through the womb ... and maybe pig tails.
Who feels squished and cramped...tired
Who needs daddy's voice and a little bit more fatty tissue
Who gives a great kick to the bladder at three in the morning
Who fears falling and loud noises
Who would like to see some lace legging on her legs, zebra shoes on her feet and a nice swing and a glider in her room when she is born.
Resident of Esther Strickland's uterus
Pleasant Grove, UT

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Image of Spring

I love Spring.  It means school is almost out.  It means green grass and baby chickens and gardens and flowers....and did I mention everything isn't dead?   (Oh I guess I should mention that spring means a new baby girl for me!!!)  In honor of Spring, as I do every year, I walk outside in the nearly dead grass and hum "TipToe Through the Tulips".  I know it's strange, but why wouldn't you.

Brandon informed me of a tidbit.  Did you know that the person who sings, "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" is a man, not an old woman?   I love that song, and I think I love it more.....But now I have this terrible image in my head.  The new face of Spring.  Tiny Tim.  God Bless us everyone!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Holy Batman

Well, I am 36 weeks!  Holy Cow.  I still wonder what God was thinking when he sent me this baby.  I am not so sure about being a good mom, but promised God and my husband that I will love her and always take care of her!  Mommy hood here I come!

It is awkward standing there....I don't know why!

Brandon told me to smile nicely!  Me trying to explain how awkward, I feel!

                                                                           Baby Claire due May 1!