Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh the Joys

I love procrastinating on my papers....especially papers due at four, so why not blog!

I went to the doctor this morning for my 35.4 week check up.  Wow, I feel like a new woman.  They don't tell you EVERYTHING in those "What to Expect When you are Expecting"  I think I shall write the sequel, "What to expect after 'What to expect when you are expecting'".  Anywhoo, I now know what it means to check your cervix.  I am 1/2 cm dilated.  I giggled.  Why even check!

The baby looks fine, but her heart rate is a little fast at 165.....  Something to do with Frosted Flakes.........  In my defense, there isn't a warning label on the box warning pregnant women to eat with caution.  Mentally counting the bowls eaten in the last week.  They're GRRRRREEEAAAATTTTT!

We moved to Pleasant Grove, and are lovin' it!  It is nice to be out of Provo.  It is nice to see Brandon 30 Minutes earlier everyday (He used to commute an hour one way for work and school)!  It is nice to have a change of scenery and chance to start over new!  We like our new ward and our neighbors.  We love the space in our new place.  We are setting up the baby's room.  Sadly, it will be the nicest room in the house.  Kind of sad, but only the best for the princess!

On a side note.  Anyone who knows me, know that I have a obsession with Dancing with the Stars!  What a weird season.  We have a Price is Right addition to the scoring system.  The theme song is now "Ba, Ba, Ba" SUNG instead of played by the band!!!!  Cheesy.  Two words.... Kate Gosslin.  I loved her, but after this week, she really is kinda of a Biddy.  That is all!

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  1. You love Kate? She can't dance ... but I feel for her vulnerability not knowing what the heck she's doing (and trying not to cry on t.v. for being so clueless).
    For the first time in my life I like Pamela Anderson - what a fun Marilyn Monroe!
    On another note, I'm glad you like PG - I've always liked that town too. So cool that Grandpa Christiansen and Grandma Katie had their first kiss there: he told her as they walked on the new sidewalk that had just been finished, "I'm going to kiss you at the end of this sidewalk." And he did. So cute. Nice to know you are a part of a circle of life ;)
    O, I love Frosted Flakes too - they're my comfort food of choice. Cool that Baby S likes 'em too.