Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Prego Mentality....Real or just an Esther Clause?

I noticed that I am become somewhat of something I hate (oh strong word... How about strongly dislike)  For instance....old people.  When they feel like they are owed something, just for still being alive.  Me, I feel like the world owes me props for being pregnant.  Here's the story.

I walk on campus and expect people to get out of my way.  I expect people to get of line in buffets.   I expects boys to open the doors for me.  I expect that when I get off the elevator, the person coming on waits for to get off before trying to push their way into the mirco space.  I expect teachers to be understanding of tardiness when I only have ten minutes to get across a huge campus and I walk with a waddle.  Proven fact...waddling takes more time than walking.  
My teacher kinda berated me in front of the class for being two minutes late to class today.  "Sister, "  (side note, why do teachers at BYU call you Brother or Sister when they know your name?  Continuing on...) "Sister, you really need to start being on time to my class."  I may or may nor have looked at him like he was an idiot and told him that I don't move as fast pregnant as when I am not pregnant.  The girls in the class laughed, I sat down and he turned a little pink.  Do I feel bad...Not really.  Should I feel bad...not really...Do I need to have a come to Jesus meeting with myself for being a self righteous prego? Yeah, but I'll do it tomorrow.  


  1. I agree with the owe-me-somethin-'cause-I'm-prego mentality ... I'm just too afraid to vocalize. But I'm so proud of you for saying something to the professor. Clueless, sperm-donator. Good for you, sista, good for you!!

  2. I think it's totally acceptable!! First of all, you're the one paying for the class, and if you want to be a few minutes late, every time, he just has to accept that. I'm glad you said something, he needs to understand that he shouldn't publicly criticize anyone, especially pregnant women!!!!!