Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new Member

This time every year, I buy myself one of these plants.  They only bloom once, but they smell fantastic.  This year, Brandon helped me choose a pink one and he named it Penelope.  She was welcomed to the family, watered and placed on our window sill.  She bloomed four days later and was put on our coffee table.  As she bloomed she started to lean and grow out to the side.  I giggled to think that she is an appropriate part our family.  Why wouldn't you grow to the side?  

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  1. Esther, you are so funny! I love all the posts. Pregnancy is so fun! Props to Brandon with the Birthday surprise. Tell him he needs to talk to his Texan buddy about that, I have yet to get that for my Birthday. I'm not saying he does bad, because I have yet to have a bad birthday, but decorations would be fun sometime.

    About the shower, Adams family will be in town that weekend, so I'll try to find out what is going on then and let you know. I'm so excited for your present, just hope it turns out as I planned. We'll talk to you soon.