Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do go to Babies R Us on your Birthday

What a great birthday!!!  The girls at work threw me a party at midnight to celebrate me turning 25 years.  I drove home to find my door covered in wrapping paper.  I was so excited, I opened the door and jumped up in down ( Jumping isn't a fantastic idea.  I almost wet my pants)...I am sure that was a funny sight to see and I wonder what Baby Strickland was thinking.  Shaken Baby Syndrome.

I walked into our apartment at 3:00 am to find my cute boy sitting the couch with a huge grin on his face!  He knew he "had done good".  

Two weeks before my birthday, I informed my husband that birthdays are a huge deal in my life.  He informed me that they weren't a big deal in his.  Discussion over.  I thought this was one of those things you adjusted to when you got married.  No more birthdays.  But, I should have remembered the time right before we were engaged and he told me he couldn't afford a ring and so I wouldn't get one....(Note.  He lied.  When he proposed, he pulled out my favorite ring and giggled.)    
So I walked in to this wonderful, crete paper surprise!   

He was so tired and so proud of himself.  

So we finally got up, looked at apartments, ate breakfast at IHOP (I love hash browns and ham currently), and the went to Babies R Us to register per my request for a birthday treat.  I'm sure I was a funny sight.  I was walking around the store aimlessly with the scanner.  I looked lost and pathetic.  No one told me there were 7 different kinds of bottle and twenty different car seats, or what seems like 30 types of diapers.  DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS.  

Brandon asked if I was ok, and I started to cry.  We laugh cause I was being stupid.  Mascara running down my face, I gave the scanner back to the lady, walked out, and gave the bird to the store.  I'll figure it out before the baby comes.  

Remedy to a hard 20 minutes at Babies R Us?  Food.  Isn't that what you give to all pregos?  (Well let's just be honest, I didn't get chunky by denying myself food whenever I was sad...or happy....or mellow.....Any emotion, I say Eat!)  Dinner at the Melting Pot.  It was fantastic and I love dessert. What a nice husband I have.  Birthdays really aren't his thing, but he went out of his comfort zone, just to make sure mine was spectacular.  What a good man.  Thanks for giving me the sweeter orange.  

Note...Brandon's birthday is the day after mine.  What did we do for his birthday?  Exactly what he wanted.  Watched t.v. and ate steak.  I don't understand, but he was happy.  

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  1. Love that hubby of yours (in a far-off sis-in-law kinda way, of course). Good man!

    Just start with a carseat (to get your baby home) & diapers (my favorites are Luvs - Pampers & Luvs are made by the same exact company but Luvs are cheaper.) The rest will either be gifted to you or come naturally. Wanna go window-shopping this weekend? We'll start at the Potato Chip aisle, hit the chocolate aisle then head over non-chalantly to the baby crapola aisle. No debit cards allowed.