Monday, February 22, 2010

A little song is all it takes!

Brandon and I were working on homework this weekend and I was stressing out and worrying how I would stay on top of all my homework.  Brandon had been quietly working on his homework for about an hour and then he randomly broke into this primary song.  Here is the original, Brandon classic.

I love Esther 
She love me!
We love our baby
Yes sir-e
Baby kicks Esther in the tummy
And that makes Esther have to pee.

I ran to the bathroom and continued to laugh so hard I cried; I don't have full control over my bladder.  I couldn't help but smile and stress a little less.  Thanks Brandon!


  1. I have never met your husband but I think that he is totally AWESOME! This made my day!

  2. HA HA! Brandon is so funny.

    So I missed you shower. But...I just finished your present and I really love it! In fact I have debated weather to keep it or not. Seeing I don't have a girl and have no use for it, I'll give it to you I guess. This is a good excuse for us to find a time to get together soon. Adam has a busy next few weeks, but he will be down there a lot, so just let us know when is a good time for you guys and we will go from there.

  3. PS this IS Robin not Adam. I didn't realize I was signed in under him. Oops.

  4. Ya'll crack me up!! (love you - hope you got lotsa fun baby stuff this last weekend - so sorry I wasn't there.) :(

  5. Haha how funny! Your blog always cracks me up!

  6. Robin-
    We'll be here! Brandon and I are getting ready to move up to PG next weekend. Brandon has class on Wed. and Thursday, so pretty much you let us know when Adam is coming down and we will be so happy to see you all!