Monday, January 4, 2010

Really...Why Wouldn't You?

Today was my first day of classes.  As tradition holds, (As a side note, everyone should make daily, monthly, semesterly, yearly traditions.  It gives you something to look forward to.), I brought some money to buy lunch on campus as a reward for completing a dreaded day and completing it in style.

I could have bought anything to fill the void! I roamed from booth to booth, smelling with my eyes and nose.  The five dollar foot-long from Subway, the ever predictable heartburn taco from Taco Bell, the "what am I really eating" at the salad bar.  But what did I choose?  A Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Marshmallow on Sprouted Wheat bread and an apple.  In my defense, it was the only sandwich left.  And the Cougar Eat didn't even have milk.  After many "What kind of institution is this" and "what's the point in having a creamery if there isn't even milk?!?" and "Really...who puts marshmallows on a sandwich", I sat my prego bum down and pulled out my lunch.  I do realize I could have made this lunch at home and saved $3, but it's tradition and I ate it in a full tradition manner.  Don't ask what that means...I am not sure I even know.

The sandwich turned out to be wonderful.  The apple was the best I have had all season and the water fountain conquered my parchedness.  And I thought, "Cause really....Why wouldn't you put Marshmallows on peanut butter."

So there is my new mentality.  When I see, hear or participate in things that are just strange to me, I am going to be open minded and say, "Cause...really...why wouldn't you?"  

So to that girl I saw who had three inches of blue eye shadow frosted onto her face like a badly iced cake... I yell, "really..why wouldn't you?"  To her friend who screamed across the courtyard in her high pitched California Valley Girl Tone, "Hey how was your Christmas break? who did your bangs.  They look fantastic!" I say, "Really...why wouldn't you scream across the campus courtyard and comment on your blue eye shadowed friend's bangs?" And finally to the midget who was wearing yellow four inch heels and running across the courtyard, I say, "Thanks for the laugh.  And really why wouldn't you?"