Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little toast to the end of a semester

This is my last week of classes for the fall semester of 2009.  Seeing that I have been in school for seven years (not an accomplishment...kind of an embarrassment), I like to consume myself in the same rich, sick and hateful ritual at the end of every semester...planning two weeks of freedom.  This sad little ritual of mine prolongs finals and makes the week seem like an eternity.

*I am going to be a master Christmas baker/ candy artist.
 Whether this consists of just rice crispy treats or my mother's christmas candies....we will see.
    p.s. don't tell my doctor that I will be sampling.

*I am going to re-write my wedding thank you notes
 Thank you housekeeping at work for throwing away all my recently finished bridal shower and wedding thank you notes as well as the book that listed everything I received.  I realize now that when you get a feeling to take them home with you and mail them, you should listen to the prompting.  I would like the housekeeper to know that you made me cry, but thank you for your cleanliness.  Thank you mom for writing on the back of all my cards what people gave us.  Now we can try to write them over.

*I am going to find a fantastic new author beside J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, Anita Stansfield and Patricia Cornwell to fill my holiday with bliss.

*I am going to plan a little girl's nursery.  She needs to live in style.

* I am going to bring my husband breakfast in bed.  He works so hard to make sure I am happy and taken care of, I need to let him know I care.

*I will attempt to make a GingerBread House.  Maybe one day I will be like those ladies on the Food Network Challenge who make those glorious gingerbread masterpieces.

* I am going to go through all my stuff again, and re-evaluate what need to be kept, and what can be given away.

*Brandon and I are planning a service project for a friend and her family.  T- minus six days.

*Pick up a piano book and play.  It's been way too long.

*Go for a walk every day for 30 min

* Find a exercise class that I want to take and realistically will go to (no more 5:45 cycling class... really if you say that you do that for fun, you're not foolin' me!  That class sucks!)

*Write my mom and dad a thank you letter

*Write GG my personal history for the year 2009.

*Be happy


  1. Well, at the Provo Rec Center they have Zumba classes. I guess it's some kind of aerobic class that is all dance moves or something. I've been thinking about doing that myself!

  2. Definately sorry to hear about the thank you notes! I know how much my hand hurt after writing mine and that is no fun. But I wouldn't feel bad about them getting out later than planned.... Mine didn't go out until like May...

  3. Darling - I'm so happy you "blog-stalked" I'm going to have to start keeping up on you as well!