Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here...Have a Tissue!

For the past three years (since Brandon's dad died and his mom moved to Utah), the Stricklands have made  Forgotten Carols a part of their holiday traditions.  The past two years, I have had the chance to go with them.  This year, Adin my little brother, got to come too.  He's here at BYU going to school.  He has never seen the Forgotten Carols.

Micheal McClaine brought his creation of the Forgotten Carols to Denver when I was ten.  At that time, it was one man playing the songs, singing and telling the stories.  I don't remember much about that night, but I do remember listening and being captivated by the feelings of the music.  My mom and dad listen to the music every year as we put up the tree.

Over the years, Forgotten Carols has grown and developed, so now there's many characters and dialogue.  But I still am captivated and touched by the music and lyrics.  And every year, I manage to cry at some point during the production.  It usually happens during "Sara's lullaby" and the end of the production when he asks you to think of someone who isn't with you anymore and the whole crowd sings "We can be Together Forever Someday" .  The idea is that the song will carry to those who aren't with us anymore to hear.

This year, I came prepared with tissues and a loving husband who loves it when I cry.  (I didn't cry much before we met and dated, but I think he has brought out my sensitive side.)  Anyway, the music started this year and I was a mess.  I cried through the whole thing.  At least I looked cute in my prego dress.

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