Monday, December 7, 2009


A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted a Christmas Tree.  So I worked a whole bunch of extra shifts at work and then hit the Black Friday Sales.  It was a beautiful tree, and I was stoked to have the tree the rest of my life.  But last year a bunch of girls stole my ornaments and trimmings (maybe they thought that a roommate's possessions are always up for grabs...I don't know)  

So this year, I supported a local business ( ok... so really they were going out of business) and bought a new set of tree trimmings.  Did I keep in mind that I was getting married the following year?  Nope.  I brought my findings home and showed them to my then fiance.  All he could say was, "Purple?"  "Are fairies...Christmas?"  "And really...the fairies are scary!" 

Purple and White Butterflies...Maybe they helped in Santa's Workshop?  Am I grabbing at nothing?

Purple Acorns are a must!

Dragon flies and Fake Fruit...  Why wouldn't you put them on a tree?

To be fair, the fairies are kind of old....and kind of ugly.  And, I guess I could of gone with a more holiday color...  But I like the tree all the same!


  1. They also look like they've been drinking too much egg nog, you know, the kind with rum.

  2. That second to last one looks like she's being hung!
    Who cares if purple is a Christmas color. Nowa days, anything goes. I think your tree is pretty.