Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little toast to the end of a semester

This is my last week of classes for the fall semester of 2009.  Seeing that I have been in school for seven years (not an accomplishment...kind of an embarrassment), I like to consume myself in the same rich, sick and hateful ritual at the end of every semester...planning two weeks of freedom.  This sad little ritual of mine prolongs finals and makes the week seem like an eternity.

*I am going to be a master Christmas baker/ candy artist.
 Whether this consists of just rice crispy treats or my mother's christmas candies....we will see.
    p.s. don't tell my doctor that I will be sampling.

*I am going to re-write my wedding thank you notes
 Thank you housekeeping at work for throwing away all my recently finished bridal shower and wedding thank you notes as well as the book that listed everything I received.  I realize now that when you get a feeling to take them home with you and mail them, you should listen to the prompting.  I would like the housekeeper to know that you made me cry, but thank you for your cleanliness.  Thank you mom for writing on the back of all my cards what people gave us.  Now we can try to write them over.

*I am going to find a fantastic new author beside J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, Anita Stansfield and Patricia Cornwell to fill my holiday with bliss.

*I am going to plan a little girl's nursery.  She needs to live in style.

* I am going to bring my husband breakfast in bed.  He works so hard to make sure I am happy and taken care of, I need to let him know I care.

*I will attempt to make a GingerBread House.  Maybe one day I will be like those ladies on the Food Network Challenge who make those glorious gingerbread masterpieces.

* I am going to go through all my stuff again, and re-evaluate what need to be kept, and what can be given away.

*Brandon and I are planning a service project for a friend and her family.  T- minus six days.

*Pick up a piano book and play.  It's been way too long.

*Go for a walk every day for 30 min

* Find a exercise class that I want to take and realistically will go to (no more 5:45 cycling class... really if you say that you do that for fun, you're not foolin' me!  That class sucks!)

*Write my mom and dad a thank you letter

*Write GG my personal history for the year 2009.

*Be happy

Monday, December 7, 2009


A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted a Christmas Tree.  So I worked a whole bunch of extra shifts at work and then hit the Black Friday Sales.  It was a beautiful tree, and I was stoked to have the tree the rest of my life.  But last year a bunch of girls stole my ornaments and trimmings (maybe they thought that a roommate's possessions are always up for grabs...I don't know)  

So this year, I supported a local business ( ok... so really they were going out of business) and bought a new set of tree trimmings.  Did I keep in mind that I was getting married the following year?  Nope.  I brought my findings home and showed them to my then fiance.  All he could say was, "Purple?"  "Are fairies...Christmas?"  "And really...the fairies are scary!" 

Purple and White Butterflies...Maybe they helped in Santa's Workshop?  Am I grabbing at nothing?

Purple Acorns are a must!

Dragon flies and Fake Fruit...  Why wouldn't you put them on a tree?

To be fair, the fairies are kind of old....and kind of ugly.  And, I guess I could of gone with a more holiday color...  But I like the tree all the same!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The In's and Out's Of Prego Life

Our new addition to our family may be a big surprise to two people who are huge planners, but we have adjusted and now are scared to death and excited....all at the same time.  Here are a list of things that are the  happy's and sad/miss of prego life.


I love pickles with a Bologna sandwiches.
I love claiming that I am Pregnant..not fat
Water tastes good
Every emotion is heightened (I don't know if this is wonderful or not...I am leaning towards wonderful)
Music is beautiful
Feeling the baby move
Having friends that are prego with me
Prego Clothes!!!!
Gummi Bear Prenatal Vitimins
Baby Clothes
Eating Healthy and actually wanting to eat healthy

The not so wonderful sides of pregnancy
Crying all the time (Extreme Home Makeover makes me bawl!)
I miss Pepsi.  It hasn't tasted good since I have been prego
Feeling sick when I have eaten something naughty
Missin Pepsi
Being tired all the time
Watching live births on the internet and being scared for life..and then realizing that I will be doing that in 5 months

I am sure there are tons more..I'll keep adding when I think of them!

Here...Have a Tissue!

For the past three years (since Brandon's dad died and his mom moved to Utah), the Stricklands have made  Forgotten Carols a part of their holiday traditions.  The past two years, I have had the chance to go with them.  This year, Adin my little brother, got to come too.  He's here at BYU going to school.  He has never seen the Forgotten Carols.

Micheal McClaine brought his creation of the Forgotten Carols to Denver when I was ten.  At that time, it was one man playing the songs, singing and telling the stories.  I don't remember much about that night, but I do remember listening and being captivated by the feelings of the music.  My mom and dad listen to the music every year as we put up the tree.

Over the years, Forgotten Carols has grown and developed, so now there's many characters and dialogue.  But I still am captivated and touched by the music and lyrics.  And every year, I manage to cry at some point during the production.  It usually happens during "Sara's lullaby" and the end of the production when he asks you to think of someone who isn't with you anymore and the whole crowd sings "We can be Together Forever Someday" .  The idea is that the song will carry to those who aren't with us anymore to hear.

This year, I came prepared with tissues and a loving husband who loves it when I cry.  (I didn't cry much before we met and dated, but I think he has brought out my sensitive side.)  Anyway, the music started this year and I was a mess.  I cried through the whole thing.  At least I looked cute in my prego dress.

Build a Baby

Every once in a while, Brandon gets down on his knees and talks to my belly.  We found out that our baby can probably hear what you're saying, so we figure we would tell "it" everything we know.  

Last week, Brandon conversation went as follow.
"Hi baby.  This is your Daddy.  We are excited to see you in a couple of weeks."
I interject saying, "We will find out if you're a boy or girl, so make sure you're not acting modest next Thursday."
Brandon says,  "We will get to see your hands and feet.  Can you see them?  You should have ten fingers and ten toes.  Can you count them?  One...Two...Three...."

Today Brandon decided to have a conversation with our unborn child.  Here is what was said.

"Hi baby.  This is your Daddy.  It's morning time.  That the time when we are supposed to get up and do stuff.  So your supposed to stay up for 16 hours and then go back to sleep for 8 hours.  Did you hear that? YOU are supposed to sleep 8 hours."  

He looks up at me and says, "I am just starting early."

I think he's going to be a great daddy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Official!!!

We are having a baby.  We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and we are officially having a baby.  He or she has a great heart beat, likes to move A LOT.  Brandon and I are still getting used to the idea that we are going to be parents in 6 months, but I think we are getting excited!  

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Do Declare...

Well Y'all, we discovered blogging. When I say we, I mean I, discovered blogging. So I am going to figure this bloggin' thing out and try to keep up with it.

Brandon and I have been keeping busy. School and work keep us away from each other, which probably is a good thing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Brandon is working at Cottonwood Height as an Assistant to the City Manger...kinda like Dwight on "The Office". He graduated from BYU in August and is now working super hard to receive his MPA from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

I am a super, superior senior at BYU....still. The end is near and I should be graduating in three semesters! WHOA!!!!! Speaking of which, I'll be cutting this short cause I have to go do the homework...